FTX Games has attracted seasoned veterans from places like Microsoft, Sony, LucasArts, and others; Experts who know how to work with filmmakers to create insanely fun and engaging experiences.

Casey Dickinson – General Manager / Head of Publishing

A veteran in the gaming industry, Casey has worked deeply in the Free to Play (F2P) and Massively Multi-player Online (MMO) gaming space with a career that spans both Marketing and Production. He has launched over a dozen titles for Sony Online Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment (Ubisoft), Vogster Entertainment and Funtactix.

Amir Lotan – Head of Production / Creative Director

One of the few creative minds in the world who has been trusted by leading film directors and authors to expand some of the biggest film and movie franchises, Amir has a keen sense of visual style and production, with a breadth of experience that spans a wide range of IPs and game genres. His team’s work receives accolades from top movie directors.
Amir works with FTX Games’ external development teams as both a producer and creative lead to guarantee authentic experiences fans will love.

Aaron Berndtson – Head of Business Development

Aaron’s career in Hollywood spans major film studios and leading talent agencies.
Prior to FTX Games, Aaron managed and negotiated gaming initiatives for a major Hollywood studio (MGM) and began his career  in the entertainment industry in the William Morris Agency’s Television department – working with top-tier properties in one of Hollywood’s leading agencies.
Aaron is extremely well connected in Hollywood and Silicon Valley alike, driving the IP and platform sides of the business from sourcing partnerships through post-launch execution.

Chase Beacham – Head of Community

Chase’s passion for gaming and fellow gamers drives his every move as our Head of Community. His experience representing a wide range of high profile partners and properties such as MGM Studios, Lionsgate, Fox, Saban Brands, The Hunger Games, Hot Tub Time Machine, Power Rangers, and more puts our clients’ minds at ease. In his free time Chase enjoys creating Skyrim mods, under the handle Hothtrooper44, that boast over twenty five million downloads.


Sam Glassenberg

Sam joined video game startup Funtactix as CEO in 2008. Under his leadership, the studio pioneered the business of free-to-play mobile and social games for major box office films. Funtactix grew from a pre-revenue, pre-product company to a profitable business: The company became the premiere publisher of mobile games based on Hollywood movies (including Mission:Impossible, Rocky, and The Hunger Games). The company earned prestigious industry awards and rallied audiences of 10’s of millions of game players. Funtactix was acquired by Playtech (PTEC) in 2016.

Yaron Leifenberg

Prior to founding Funtactix in 2006, Yaron had gained 15 years of experience architecting massively-scalable applications in banking, transport, government, military, and gaming. Yaron authored 3 best-selling technology books on development. At Microsoft, he was responsible for designing some of the largest-scale online applications in Israel. Yaron is responsible for product architecture, and oversees game creation and production.