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New Profile Posts

  1. LVMonkey
    LVMonkey PUZZLE
    the game is called Storm Front 1944
  2. Thony
    Hey whats up people join my cartel we are very active we got 5 wars won
  3. issiah
    on narcos join killers on deeck together we are one
  4. Thony
    Join my cartel , is level 15 believe is hard to get that far lol
  5. Thony
    Hello im inviting you to join my cartel we are very Active everybody is welcome to join we speak spanish to
  6. jimmy el j1
    jimmy el j1 CRABNUTZ
    My poster is the top exiles. We are from Mexico
  7. jimmy el j1
    jimmy el j1 CRABNUTZ
    Hi, brother, I'm the j1 in the game, I join the cause, what do you say?
      Join what cause?
      Nov 16, 2017 at 6:58 PM
  8. DruglordLazo
    Bay Area Cartel is recruiting active members, also looking for more local members of the bay area Ca, join today, search Bay Area Cartel
    Hi bro it's me puzzle. In game nickname is Anonymus. I sent request to Nobull. Is there anybody to accept it?
  10. Don Lukeus
    Don Lukeus
    Cartel Coffee - It's time to drink coffee and **** **** up & we're all out of coffee!!!! Join us! Active players only! War, Build &Donate!
  11. Puredective538
    La brita pessoal siga
  12. Slik
  13. Pedro barroso
  14. cyberjam34
    cyberjam34 Chase - FTX Games
    I bought the 14000+3000 gold and I was billed around 112 usd but u didn't receive my Gold. Any chance to fix that ??
  15. cyberjam34
    cyberjam34 Chase - FTX Games
    Hi Chase. I made a purchase of Gold yesterday on 3-11-2017 and I was billed for that , but I didnt receive my Gold. Kindly let me know how I can my Gold.i won't dare doing more purchases if I dont receive this one. I have done alot before and all of them succeeded. Only this one I didn't receive it
  16. Spilli
  17. EL LOCO
    I’m a Right hand of “Minkie evolute” cartel! An old one clan and one of the best cartel in the world! Join us.. you are welcome!
  18. Highpnoze
    Joins us
    1. Highpnoze
      Cocain riser!
      Oct 29, 2017
  19. Kunha
    Qual é o objetivo disto ?
  20. PopiRed
    Still working on my game. In a month I've found THE cartel, United States, moved from level 16 recruit to level 34 Right Hand.What a BLAST!