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    All you have to do is stop paying them!

    Besides the extremely low amount of credits for the extremely high cost, have you noticed that the required minimum bet amounts rise VERY quickly while the store and lobby gifts remain very low? Come on!!!! If they require a minimum bet of 80,100K+, shouldn't they at least be paying that amount...
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    Pop up rewards in notifactions dont load

    April; I never received a ticket # as no one ever responded. I eventually got my question answered by another person I know who has played the game in the past.
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    Not allowed to post

    April; I did not include any email addresses, links, screenshot, etc. The forum simply wouldn't allow me to post due to the posts being "spam-like".
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    Even on the easier quests at lower levels such as level 57, the bet amounts are way too high. 10K per spin? How can anyone ever play? It takes me 1-2 weeks to build up 300K in credits and I'm expected to bet 10K per spin? That wouldn't last very long considering the dismal payouts and extremely...
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    Pop up rewards in notifactions dont load

    April; The support team never replies. I've tried several times. I even wrote a review on Google Play and the reply I received from the Dev was to come here with my issues.
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    Daily hunt

    Xavier; How did you even get to that level? I'm at level 57 and can't complete one part of a mission because I can't get enough credits. I start with 300K and lose it all within 5 minutes at a minimum bet of 4K. It takes me a week or more to obtain enough credits just to play for 5-10 minutes...
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    Not allowed to post

    Although none of the posts I attempted contained inappropriate language or anything else which should have caused them to be blocked and there had not been time for them to be reviewed, they were blocked 3 times based on them supposedly being spam like or inappropriate. What's going on here...
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    April, I fully understand and posted rating on Google Play regarding exact same issue and received the exact response. How is "lady luck " supposed to return when players can't get enough credits to play for more than 5-10 minutes and it takes 1-2 weeks to accumulate enough credits to play again...