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    No deploy counter strategie

    Hey guys! i had big hope in this update because of the no deploy counter strategy.... it sounded good to me.. but how in **** do that strategy work, when "big bang" works like it works? you can Freeze building 3 at the same time and so the big bang skill also works three times? @Chase - FTX...
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    Bring back the Bluescreen!

    you included all possible bugs in that game, but one thing you took away since beginning... the Bluescreen! BRING BACK THE BLUESCREEN!
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    Back to serious suggestions: sale one building upgrades

    hey guys Had an idea about the building upgrades on sale... ATM the discount only is there when you buy the upgrade only with gold example: instant upgrade is 2000gold... with 25% discount ist is 1500. What about the idea you also give the discount when you fill up your resis with gold...
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    Please make all expensive!

    You can make offers or discounts or whatever... there will still be guys who complain about everything! So just please make all things 4 times expensiver..
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    Narcos most hated - just a bit fun :-)

    We figured out this list in Narcos line group. If anyone thinks he has to be on it write me private Massage :-)
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    Ideas to fix "always online" problem

    hey hey guys, I often read out the problem players are online and so it is not possible to attack them, or you have a long waiting time.. What about the idea, you can always get attacked, also if you are online like in cartell wars? I only see one problem, the problem you can be attacked when...
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    Guys, please use recruiting forum for recruiting...

    Please do not spam the same in every Forum, would be realy cool Thank you