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    Bad wars

    Goodmorning just take a look of war between Greece Training Camp vs Incognito Find me a reason to play or if this is fan!! 10 players under 50 level vs 7 players over 60 level Ooo Lord!!!
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    What color is an orange?
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    Fix my friend kakaratza account!!
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    Don Neto

    Bring Back In sales Don Neto or give him With contracts
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    Some attacks In bounty have stack!! We cant attack and we cant change !! Looks like a player attacking this Base for hours !!!
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    Online or not Online

    Show wich players are online or not Online before we push the attack button!!
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    Bring copy ninja Back!!!
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    Sicario chalenge

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    Chalenge other Cartel

    Why you dont leave us chalenge other Cartels??
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    sicario chalenge

    what is sicario chalenge and when it will start? is it group event or personal?
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    I cant understand what is the correct strategy for bounty Hunt? Same and high level? Keeping the extra Attacks for one bounty?? I think is very difficulty and as we are going stronger and more players Is more difficulty!!