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  1. J

    Warden Tower in Raid Events

    So you agree the tower would be beneficial in the raid events then? Maybe add a Don Neto and remove miguel/forta for more maeves and butchers?
  2. J

    Warden Tower in Raid Events

    I would like to see ftx add warden tower to the raid events. Currently the raid events take no skill what so ever and comes down to nothing more then internet speed. This needs to change. @Ben - FTX Games
  3. J

    3 or more Maeve in defense + Warden Tower - Untouchable Base

    How do you consider that a successful attack? 90 mins to regen torcher plus around 250k to reload camps... nothing successful in that attack at all.
  4. J

    For All The Quitters

    Next sic challenge i am pushing for gold statue at all cost, will set up base with 9 sics and resign haha good luck getting attacks in
  5. J

    Well done update with tower.

    Real Narcos? Thats whag you call loading david/parca with fuegos and running straight at the finca? Get your head out of the sand.
  6. J

    Warden Tower !

    The need for higher defense i get, the increased finca health sure no problem, additional sic we can live with. With that said the warden tower's abilities are a extemely excessive. You have managed to stop no deploy which is great, but in the process you have made deploying -- near impossible...
  7. J

    The most EPIC war in narcos history is brewing...

    War doesn't start Friday. Ceasefire
  8. J

    3 mil + $ for wars

    Its the same BS for map attacks. 1.3m to load troops after a failed attack and only 200k payout on a successful attack. So 7 perfect attacks (zero lose) roughly to offset 1 failed attack. Seems kind of ridiculous to me.
  9. J

    Big Update!

    You can guarantee ita something to create more revenue. I mean after all what else does these lovely people care about.
  10. J

    Important Improvements Needed At This Time

    @Mooney being that you are just level 50 i don't think you really grasp the concept behind 5 or 6x ground defensive with butchers and forta lol. As far as offense is concerned my camps are maxed the majority of my troops are maxed my sics have perfect talents and its still an issue deploying...
  11. J

    Congrats FTX! You've managed to piss off the entire game, including many top paying players!

    You should probably download line app. He has sent out a couple now.
  12. J

    Important Improvements Needed At This Time

    1500 pts behind first lol 600+ behind 5th and i am in 9th
  13. J

    Congrats FTX! You've managed to piss off the entire game, including many top paying players!

    Fact of the matter is @CRABNUTZ is one of the better players in this game and is more the helpful. There is no need to attack him based on your frustration with the game and ftx. Crab has helped me a lot along the way and we aren't even in the same cartel.
  14. J

    Lets REALLY Discuss Game's Future

    @Timur i had that issue earlier today failed 4 times and ran out cash to replenish troops... had to wait for outpost to get enough
  15. J

    Lets REALLY Discuss Game's Future

    I am struggling as well @Timur i am using 3 flash sics and a quica with flash.... and deploying maxed torchers... i have tried maxed fuegos, rpg/gordo combo and flaccos... the results are oten the same mass casualties whether i win or lose
  16. J

    Lets REALLY Discuss Game's Future

    With shorter regen times, higher troop counts/damage/health whichever it wouldn't be so bad, but GD and 5 or 6 butcher's is an absolute nightmare lol
  17. J

    Lets REALLY Discuss Game's Future

    Another issue is cash after failing an attack, i failed 4 attacks in a row, it cost roughly 900k to replenish troops. So 3.6 million cash roughly. A successful attack pays out 300k tops. I now need to attack 12 bases without casualties to get back lost cash, seems kind of RIDICULOUS to me.
  18. J

    Lets REALLY Discuss Game's Future

    After everyone switches to firebomb and they release a sic for that to generate more income, they will release an offensive sic to lower/ eliminate ground defense... Its a vicious cycle. I for one don't have an issue with the needing to deploy, it's the 1 hour wait times for troops to regen...
  19. J

    Congrats FTX! You've managed to piss off the entire game, including many top paying players!

    If i had squad camps that held 3 torchers i could probably deploy everyone as well and wouldnt care.... Now back to the actual issue, if forta is the "answer" why we're skills introduced?? Prior to skills you couldn't just missile a finca straight up @391k....
  20. J

    Apple requires loot box odds...

    Every talent has 5 at a different % unless i am misunderstanding you?