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  1. J

    Warden Tower in Raid Events

    I would like to see ftx add warden tower to the raid events. Currently the raid events take no skill what so ever and comes down to nothing more then internet speed. This needs to change. @Ben - FTX Games
  2. J

    Join Guerilla Killas

    Searching for new members whether its permanent, for cartel chest or a possible merger we are open to entertain inquiries. Compound is level 69 Cartel Finca is 34 Cc is 33. +1 sic (3 cc upgrades from 2nd), +9 energy and a lot of other perks. Thanks for your interest.
  3. J

    Join Guerilla Killas

    Level 66 Compound. 33 Capo Club. Finca Upgrading to 33 as we speak. 100% active, line app is a must. Capos Club has many perks including plus 9 energy which is great if you have helipad 22 along with high missile damage and BBE you can no deploy everyone in the game regardless of finca health...
  4. J

    Skills Chest

    Is a anyone else tried of getting bent over by FTX?? 22,000 gold spent on skills chest only to recieve multiple chest with old unusable obsolete skills that don't contain the set bonus. This was an issue back in august and FTX compensated players with level 1 skill chest, why oh why are they...