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    Somethings off here. Your "All Out War" activity requires way too much coins just to play. Come on, I set it to Legendary just to see how much it would cost to play. 10 million minimum bet! To put things into perspective, I'm level 1054 or something, platinum level and I collect 800k per 3...
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    Unused Chests

    If I dont use my chests from the hero activity do I just lose them or does it carry over to the next hero run?
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    Red Daryl cards

    I'm super upset at the fact that I spent a lot of time and resource to play through the Medium difficulty of the weekly activity twice JUST to get a duplicate card! I got the same exact red card from my first play through!! It was not easy to get these cards and getting a duplicate after all...
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    RPG Event

    How come my RPG event is still active but I'm not getting any of my free rolls?
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    Thoughts on Hero's Sanctuary

    At one point I had a lot of coins ( probably 4-5x the pay out of completing all the characters) and I was pretty confident I was going to level up all of my characters. Ended up with 5 or 6 diamond chests in the process and 10+ platinum just to find out that most of my XP was going into the...