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    Goodbye CALI 4 LIFE

    I want only say goodbye all of you. C4L was longtime cartel no.1. on the world. Thanks, IT was amazing time for me when i was in C4L. You was the smartest players in the Game and NHK was great Capo. I am sad, that you all guiting game, but i absolutely understand why you all decide for...
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    @Ben - few questions

    ok @Ben, here is few questions 1.) Why do not you listen to most of the players who write here? not a few boys with platinum card, but normal players without plenty Purple Sicarios , perfects of talents or skills lvl 5 and tons of gold? 2.) You do not really see that the game in this...
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    3 or more Maeve in defense + Warden Tower - Untouchable Base

    Pls @Ben or @Chase if isn´t Warden Tower problem, show me pls how you destroy base with 3 or more Maeve and Warden Tower in defense. Really i would like see how you will attack base as have Tamafya or other strong players.
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    Warden Tower - end of the Game

    This is not Narcos - Cartel Wars yet - now with Warden Tower it is STAR WARS (only U.F.O. missing) :D :D. All players which quiting account now (and i see many dead base now) , say a BIG THANK YOU Ben and others. They save your money for next game.