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  1. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Ios Update

    Apple / App Store is known for taking much longer to approve new versions of apps than Google Play. So even if they submitted the game update to both at the same time, Android users will see it first.
  2. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Update bunker

    My opinion is.. during times of upgrades/growth you can upgrade bunker freely, without worrying about wasting xp. It’s worth it. This is unless you have the rank 3 subscription which includes “insurance” on resources lost to being raided. If you’re subscribed don’t upgrade bunker at all, it’s...
  3. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    COMMANDO TACTICS: How to Beat "Unbeatable" Outposts

    I really like to see this energy about the game, @KatastroPhia As someone who has been playing for years and on the forums, I don’t believe your outlined system of collaborating will take flight here. However awesome it would be if it did. I really think you should join a cartel for all these...
  4. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Nightmare Event

    Finca rush with davids and fuegos, probably. The raid conditions vary a lot based on player level so it’s hard to say with limited experience of all possible account conditions and limited knowledge of your account.
  5. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Someone suggested you can benefit from Diego's Missile Damage without him being killed in battle by leaving him in the Truck. How would you do this?

    When you don’t “deploy” sicarios in a war attack you can use them again. This means you can’t deploy them or the troops in the sicario’s squad.
  6. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Server Problem? War attacks failing to load

    Thanks April! After a few hours it didn’t seem to happen again and everything worked normally.
  7. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Server Problem? War attacks failing to load

    Are any other cartels experiencing this problem lately? An attack doesn’t load and almost immediately is recorded as a loss while you’re sitting there for 5 minutes praying that it’s going to load. it seems like a reasonably easy fix to change the process order so the game doesn’t use up...
  8. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    they are not paying attention to our call ‍♂️‍♂️

    Please, guys, stop spamming the forums with complaints. The game is what it is, we were never promised to help design the game. When the forums are nothing but complaints none of the serious players will even look here. Only complainers.
  9. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    make balance in the game

    The amount you lose when being raided is resource amount in storage, minus the amount that your Bunker building protects.
  10. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    game crashes sometimes while playing

    In my recent experience the game works perfectly on devices with 2gb of ram or better. Below that was either very slow for an old Samsung I tried or crashing on iPhone 6 and older. iPhone 6s and better works perfectly. Warring players can’t afford to have the app crash, so best is to recommend...
  11. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    I was Cut off from 50% off upgrades

    Pretty sure the 50% off training camp upgrades was always announced as “up to 10”. Maybe they stopped saying it because not many players use it that much anyway.
  12. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Fyber tasks are impossible to complete

    Can we please put these non Narcos related threads in Bugs and Problems? 1. They probably do belong there. 2. It’s totally irrelevant for Apple users because free gold offers requiring getting another app were banned.
  13. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    SpenT gold on a sheild, still gEt attacked.

    You still get attacked like normal when you have a Shield. The benefit is, while shielding you don’t lose resources when your base is raided.
  14. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Don neto

    I’ve seen 2x Don Neto, it likely goes up to 3x just like David contracts on the wheel.
  15. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Some questions

    Rating medals per player base. Player level 0-46: 2 47: 3 53: 4 61: 5 You lose 1 rating medal when your base is raided, regardless. Best sics you mentioned came up for sale about 2 times in a year. Maybe 3 for David. IP skill set: I believe the time and damage stacks. The time...
  16. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Getting killed after the clock hits zero n wars

    Can you elaborate? If it’s a draw and the finca goes down the attacker still wins with zero troops or sics left. Also as was mentioned in the previous thread, Torchers have explosion damage as a planned part of their stats. Is it like that or are your attackers still completely active when the...
  17. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    So what am i supposed to do now?

    Just in case this helps at all.. a few Challegers Club events ago I had the usual group of 9 players in my rankings bracket but could only attack 4 bases on day 2. Only 4 appeared on the targets list but 9 appeared on the rankings list.
  18. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Save the shark!

    Shark has been saved with the new game update 1.38.8. Thanks @Son of Sancho and @April - FTX Games
  19. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    SOLVED: Update 1.38.7 crashes on older iPhone

    Game update 1.38.8 saves the day. Sharks have been saved to terrorize everyone’s local beaches again.
  20. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    SOLVED: Update 1.38.7 crashes on older iPhone

    @Lukal_ what do you think? Do you have 2 accounts, or recently tried subscribing and it failed? What’s your phone’s operating system?