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  1. dsounded

    Don Neto in offer BOXES

    Jesus, this such an overkill. Spenders will have sort of 5 Netos which will dramatically change(ruin) the game. I could have predicted anything but this. Looks more like final robbery of spenders before this game will shot down totally.
  2. dsounded

    New ranks system

    @Ben - FTX Games it's absolutely mad. Because I am level 47 having 85% players 55+ in the league. I hardly get top 5, with this change it will be impossible. Do you think this is harder to beat the map with 4 David's squad on 57+ ? It's the same, but now top 5 in league and world top 100 becomes...
  3. dsounded

    Davids/Parcas and type of squads other than Fuegos

    Does anybody use flacos/something else with them ? I don't have Fuegos and don't want to spend experience points for them since I kind of feel that Ftx will nerf them sooner or later. I tried Flacos myself and they can't rush Finca because of medium movement speed
  4. dsounded

    An ability to destroy buildings

    Since a lot of players on the start created buildings which are way too useless right now, even more they are affecting air strikes and short deploys (like labs, product storages etc) it will be great to add an ability to remove them(destroy). Also it's great to add an ability to plant a...
  5. dsounded

    Don Neto in the Roulette

    @Ben - FTX Games I guess this sicario is game changer. So it will be fair to include him to the next Roulette so everyone can give a try to catch him. Additionaly please check my response in topic called Roulette experiment and finally give an answer. Cheers
  6. dsounded

    Total ignore from Admin-stuff

    The most disappointing thing that both @Chase - FTX Games and @Ben - FTX Games just ignore most of the threads, I can assume that you guys are pretty busy, but when topic has 11:0 votes/upvotes you'd better at least try to response. Moreover I created a report for support with the link, and...
  7. dsounded

    Sicarios challenge becomes a nightmare

    I do believe when you just released this type of event it was ok. But now there are same players among multiple leagues, this brings unfair results and bad BAD user experience. Here are some examples.