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  1. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Server Problem? War attacks failing to load

    Are any other cartels experiencing this problem lately? An attack doesn’t load and almost immediately is recorded as a loss while you’re sitting there for 5 minutes praying that it’s going to load. it seems like a reasonably easy fix to change the process order so the game doesn’t use up...
  2. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    SOLVED: Update 1.38.7 crashes on older iPhone

    Hello, on my iPhone 6s after getting this update the app immediately crashes on the first screen.
  3. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Global chat has been buggy for as long as i can remember

    There is an intermittent problem with global chat where it glitches and displays messages from hours ago. New relevant messages are not displayed when this happens. Global chat should not be broken like this, it’s one of the very few places this game builds its community. The problem is...
  4. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Iron truck dead spot since last game update

    In the view when I first go to home base, I can’t tap to claim the iron on the resource center truck. As if it’s a dead spot on my phone screen, but it’s not. If I flip my phone 180 degrees it doesn’t help. Another cartel member confirmed the same issue. Minor bug because we can just move...
  5. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Shield Generator Not Working

    I think when the Shield Generator was removed from Guerrilla Facility a few days ago it stopped functioning on bases. Example is in the screenshots. A level 46 no deployed my base with 3 flashbangs and 4 missiles. This should be impossible, they would need around 900k damage if the shield was...
  6. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Details About extra health on defense sics

    Sics who are actively guarding home base, resource centers, and compounds show about double their listed health with a +amount added to their standard amount of health. 1. Where does this come from? Is there a standard 2x health added to sics actively on defense? I’ve heard this but only from...
  7. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Minor Bug with bonus bullets

    On the bullets outpost there’s a long time bug where it shorts you 1 bullet when you use more than 1 of the sics for bonus bullets. I just had one where it was 10 +2 for every Ruby. I used 3 Ruby and got 15 bullets instead of 16. Any time it’s 25 + 5 for every specific sic, it gives you 44...
  8. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    A way to be offline wIth app open

    Should there be a way to be offline, to allow others to attack you, while you have the app open? You could leave your base or something so potential base changes wouldn’t be possible or affect incoming attacks. It would be convenient at times. Like for cartel chest resource centers, or to...
  9. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Does Strong Medicine Skill Set apply to player bases?

    The “Strong Medicine” skill set description seems to have changed. It says “reduces damage inflicted on friendly units within the Medpack radius”. My question is.. does this apply to player bases? Or only on offense? Are defense buildings considered “friendly units”?
  10. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Calculate max no deploy damage w/missiles

    No deploy is when you add the Big Bang Effect skill set to 4 missile sics (or firebomb sics) so you can take down a finca without sending troops in. You need BBE and all missile talents on all 4 Diego or Brosko. This info is about Missile no deploy. Hope it helps someone! Calculating your max...
  11. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Tampico Sunrise

    To join, go to your Cartel Port in the app, and search for us by name: Tampico Sunrise War is our priority. If you love warring too, join a winning crew. I’m serious when I say your skills will be more appreciated here than in any other cartel. This is not a farm cartel. We’re a long-time...
  12. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Vent your rage HERE

    I noticed a lot of comments on this forum include a layer of sass and anger about topics that bothers the forum user. This gets in the way of this forum being more useful and fun for all players. Please bookmark this thread. Then come back and post random angry messages below to vent your...
  13. Tampico Sunrise - Shark


  14. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    Smokescreen is designed to protect YOUR troops from being attacked while they are in the safe area beneath the smoke. *Ignore the graphic of the smoke* The safe area created by a Smokescreen is the same size as a health pack or propaganda, and the CENTER of the safe area is EXACTLY where you...
  15. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Nightmare outposts - playable area of outpost

    The last Nightmare outpost had a Warden Tower behind the finca, but it was very difficult to hit with missiles because the upper portion of the screen does not register taps. This is a design flaw in my opinion, a developer could easily solve the problem by widening the viewable area so part of...
  16. Tampico Sunrise - Shark

    Nightmare outposts - retreating

    I was allowed to retreat from a Nightmare outpost before deploying, thinking I could just “reset” the level and try again. BUT attacking again requires another Voice Recorder. I personally won’t have this problem again, but I don’t think it should allow you to retreat. Actually the reason I...