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  1. H

    Only 4 'payback' attacks each day?

    Looking at my defence log, when I see who has attacked me I seem to only have 1 button to watch the replay; no payback button (I know there won't be one if I attacked the other player first). Digging deeper, it looks like the revenge/payback option is available at the start of each new day, but...
  2. H

    use of a shield?

    Is there a way to put a shield on that means you don't lose any resources when raided for, e.g. 24hours ? Other games this is possible and I have looked around the Breaking Bad screen but can't see anything. When you start levelling up, it becomes difficult to save the required resources needed...
  3. H

    removing players from bounty hunt

    Question for developers: Is there any reason why capo and right-hands are not able to opt players out of the bounty hunt, like they can for cartel wars? Hugely frustrating when players are away and can't be opted out. It just makes a disadvantage in the matchmaking against other cartels for the...
  4. H

    Upgrading sicarios, suggestion for developers

    FTX, Please could a simple change be made to selecting plata when upgrading sicarios. At the moment we have to continually swipe sideways for eternity, tapping a piece of plata. This takes time and often if you're swiping quickly you can end up closing the window by accident and are forced to...
  5. H

    Silence is gold-en

    So each player gets extra defensive sicarios to add to their base. The experienced players amongst us thought this could well be a "glitch". But then several days pass and we hear nothing. Not in the game or here on this forum. Not even a whisper. So maybe this is to stay, to help balance...
  6. H

    The New Firm - UK top 5

    Hello, The New Firm, despite being quite small in numbers (15 members) are still comfortably in the UK top 5 but we need more players to join as we chase that elusive 6th defence sicario. Ideally we'd like level 50+ plus but our doors are open for level 47+ at the moment. We can help you grow...