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    Daily login reward.

    @Chase - FTX Games most of us collected last chest for day 300. Is there new rewards in future?? thank you.
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    Torcher MAX level

    max is lvl 9. you got them lvl 8. i have 15.604k capacity. you should have alliance bonus. also you can use location bonus BANK BOOST than you will have 5% more (I have 16.204 with bank boost).
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    20tokens to spin?

    11 swaps iand there she is. 2 stars b i t c h
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    Everyone having a Cry

    in begining when there wasn't skils, talents etc, the play was: missile piercing cannons, or rockets, or nerv and put army down. now that's useless. Missile what? builder cabin? wood storage? Missiles are useless now.
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    Everyone having a Cry

    They are useless against ground defense. Missile are useless against ground defense. Problem is ground defense
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    New sicario

    Great job @Chase - FTX Games . now everyone will have new sicario + 100% talent of missile reduce for finca + ground defense x6. and missiles are useless. can't even take down rocket louncher or pirs or nerv with 2-3 missiles. give us gold spent on missiles becouse we can't use them any more...
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    Suggestion to upgrade Finca past Level 22

    It is not normal that lvl49 missile lvl63. When I was 49 I could attack 51max....
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    We would like your feedback!

    Put that we can end war if all players on both side used all attacks
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    I did and I got answer to attack them when they are voulnerable.... great job @Chase - FTX Games
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    Game Option Question - Please Read and Reply

    Are we going to get all gold back that we investet for no deploy?
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    38378 x 0.27 = 10362 that is dmg after 1 bb, if you put 2 then it goes x0.54 10362+38378= 48740 is dmg of one missile Other calculate by yourself Remember when you missile player you dont know does he have 4% or 10% ground defense. Good luck
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    Bug on sicario

    Ruby and other fuego sicarios + talents now has flamethower instead of fuego. Fix it; it looks ugly. I hope it is only visual bug And fix loading base buildings from lvl1 it is has been to long since this loading problem apeared and didn't get fixed. @Chase - FTX Games
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    why they don't fix loading buildings from lvl 1 each time ????
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    There si no finca when attacking? FIX IT!!!!!!!
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    iPad update

    update is messed up, there is no finca when attacking
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    4x Diego

    game was ruined that moment talents came in game.
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    20tokens to spin?

    I had 20/6 spin/swap and from my cartel pepole had 10/3. Wtf is that? @Chase - FTX Games why did some of us had expensive spins??
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    Calculating BB vs GD

    and calculate finca health after dropping bombs on other buildings for energy.... finca will fall
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    Why our cartel gets only stronger enemies in war.

    jbg, mi palimo 20 mačeva, uđe 10. pa palis 15 pa uđe 11. sad smo počeli 10 palit ko svi i to 10 najjačih pa se mijenjamo. nema druge. uglavnom nam dolaze top 20