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  1. Q

    error 10002

    Error 10002 occurred this afternoon after completing a successful attack during war. Game unable to start for a few minutes.. Now it shows the attack wasnt completed.. Because of that the war will end in a draw. Any chance to fix that? @Chase - FTX Games
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    Dead Sics Give No Gold for Cartel Members

    I noticed you don't get gold for dead sics if you're in the same cartel. Is that on purpose?
  3. Q

    Updated Bounty Hunt

    To me Bounty Hunt changed from a boring thing to a boring thing you have to play. I still don't see where this 'amazing cartel play' comes into work, it's just a question of who is willing to spend more ammo and gold. Oh no, I'm wrong.. There is still the great matchmaking
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    Rosa Trait

    Hi everyone I've heard from people using Rosa with firebomb instead of flashbang. What do you recommend and why?
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    Access Account with Facebook as Capo

    I used to switch between accounts on the same device with different facebook accounts. Worked out well so far also as a 'right hand'. Recently we swapped the Capo position in our cartel Legio Turicum. Since then I can not access the Capo account with facebook. You can click the sign in button...
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    Gold Truck

    Did you know there was an offer where a truck brings daily 700 gold during one year for roughly 100 bucks? That makes a quarter million gold a year! I've spent thousands to get this amount of gold. Asking for this offer FTX-support claims that they can't influence the offer's process. FTX I...