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    Don Neto in the Roulette

    No, I just don't want to see him. If ithey put him in roulette all big payers will flood their bases with don netos
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    Game is Destroyed

    A missile/firebomb squad was easy to get, I don't know why you went full in on flashbang in that stage of the game..
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    Game is Destroyed

    Of course making money is in their mind, it's in every company's mind.. Gd counters bb only for rockets and bombs. It doesn't counter the fact that buildings take more damage from troops, that's why flashbang troops eat up everything so fast. Another great feature for nD (especially with...
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    Best update in 2 years

    Imo this update opens a lot of new ways to defend your base. Use torcher explosions to kill warden, relax and enjoy your couple attacks a day :) Edit: If you still want some old flashbang experience combine David/Parcas with fuegos for example... A lot of other ways too ;) I've been playing...
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    Game is Destroyed

    fyi: It's not! Flashed buildings also take more damage from troops because of bb, while gd only counters missiles and bombs. Moreover a flashed finca takes more damage if buildings are getting destroyed.
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    Best update in 2 years

    Ok smartypants, I correct myself.. I meant anti finca. It is no different story! They nerfed rocket and bomb squads with the anti sics, so suddenly flashbang-energy was the strongest combo. It can't be that one combo is that much better than the others. People were asking for a nerf. Moreover...
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    Best update in 2 years

    That's not kind.. Clap Clap your squad goes with the boom. There are still other sics (firebomb for example) if you think you'd lose less squads with them. There 'is' (more 'was') an anti sic for rockets and firebomb, but nothing against flashbang. It was way overpowered, so there comes Warden...
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    Best update in 2 years

    Flashbang with at least one Torcher squad still works (ofc not on every layout, but same for other sics).. Smoke them up to the Warden Tower and wait for the boom :) But I agree, both together Warden + Don Neto is too much!
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    Don Neto Sicario bug or Purpose

    What's next FTX? Are you waiting for someone to ask for offensive sics to counter Don Neto..? So you can introduce them based on the community's demand? I think a big part of the community is asking for a nerf or to remove it.. And @Ben - FTX Games why can you get it as talent as well? With...
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    Don Neto

    @Ben - FTX Games This is exactly what everyone bothers.. Why now and not earlier?
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    Best update in 2 years

    Try to beat Fakir, it seems impossible to me
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    Best update in 2 years

    I have the exact same question.. I agree with dnd, new tower is great. But with don neto? I'm still finca lvl23, can't beat anyone with that much health
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    Don Neto Sicario bug or Purpose

    You get extra health for all buildings through talents as well?! For example on isabella or maeve.. Remove don neto and all the garbage within it.. Imo warden tower made the game very interesting again, extra health for storages & finca is messing everything up. Or remove warden tower and leave...
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    New tournament setup sucks

    It said in my notifications the new system is starting today, 29th of October. And everybody will start the new system in their current league. So lets give it another try.. but I also dont know why a few players dropped rank.
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    Sapper contracts

    If I remember right I also got one during the first ever Roulette event. No clue if you can also get ccontracts
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    error 10002

    Error 10002 occurred this afternoon after completing a successful attack during war. Game unable to start for a few minutes.. Now it shows the attack wasnt completed.. Because of that the war will end in a draw. Any chance to fix that? @Chase - FTX Games
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    Dead Sics Give No Gold for Cartel Members

    I noticed you don't get gold for dead sics if you're in the same cartel. Is that on purpose?
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    Updated Bounty Hunt

    To me Bounty Hunt changed from a boring thing to a boring thing you have to play. I still don't see where this 'amazing cartel play' comes into work, it's just a question of who is willing to spend more ammo and gold. Oh no, I'm wrong.. There is still the great matchmaking
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    Upcoming Game Improvements

    Wow I was waiting for the last feature for years. Now I can still scroll through more speedups, yiiha!