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    iPad update

    whens the new update out for iPad please
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    Can I run 2 accounts on an ipad

    does anyone know if u can run 2 accounts from the same iPad and if u can how can I do it, cheers guys
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    The Nuthouse

    The Nuthouse is a new cartel run by experienced 2nd account players, so if your new to the game or are thinking off starting a 2nd account come join us, drama free and no pressure. We are a friendly bunch and have just got finca to level 1 so lots of work to do, we have right hand places...
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    How to set up 2nd account

    could someone please give me some advice on setting up 2nd account on iPad cheers
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    @Chase - FTX Games why can't we move talents from one sicario to another like u can with skills
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    Gold boycott

    I see on other forums that there is a gold boycott starting on September 1st, I will be sticking to this, hope everyone else will, have seen certain players saying they won't buy skills then 2 days later they pop up on my map and they have ground defence 5 and a few other things
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    Find another

    @Chase - FTX Games when I find a base that I can't beat and I use the find another button why am I getting even harder bases I thought that u was meant to get easier bases :)
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    Goodfellas cartel

    we are currently 11th in the U.K. League seeking active level 40+ players we are a friendly and a helpful bunch come have a look
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    New event

    so we got a new event starting on Friday, let's hope it's better than the last one
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    We can't we choose the talent we want

    why can't we buy the talents we want instead of spending loads of gold and still not get the talent we want
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    Rocket launcher health

    I,m level 46 and am now coming up against bases with rocket launchers which have health of 100.000 how are we meant to deal with these? Have just upgraded helipad to level 19 and all u get is a +2 energy, I think the reapers are giving too much energy why can't we be given more energy at...