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    Trade Fair Extension

    Hello all! I just wanted to share that with the overwhelming requests we have added an additional 24-hours to our Trade Fair event! Good luck with finishing your pages!
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    Based on community feedback we will be releasing a new feature, Sicario Sorting! To start, players are given a sliding menu to assign Badges to their Sicarios. These Stickers can be assigned to any number of Sicarios, with a total of 9 different Stickers to choose from. As soon as a player...
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    New Sicario - Joaquin!

    New Sicario - Joaquin Joaquin allows your Machine Guns to reduce the enemy's Attack and Movement Speeds! Joaquin is only available from a Special Offer for a limited time, recruit him today! Play Now ➜ PlayNarcos.com
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    New Event: Mexico Raid!

    Can You Handle the New Dangers and Challenges in Mexico? Play in this special 2-day against a rising Mexican Cartel! Play Now ➜ www.PlayNarcos.com
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    New Event Starting: Nightmare Raid!

    Dive into the Nightmare Raid! Prove your might in the new endlessly hard Nightmare Raid Event! Play Now ➜ www.PlayNarcos.com
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    Error Codes and What They Mean

    If you see an error message, this list will help provide you with a quick answer. But to get your game sorted properly please contact us at narcos@ftxgames.com. Here are the two most common errors that pop-up: 11:TNT and 10009 - These two codes have to do with connectivity issues Units/tens...