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    Keep hilltop heros!!!!

    Developers, Please keep Hilltop Heros longer, I have 6000 gas left and I'm using it as fast as I can. It's my only consistent coin collecting. Gaming community, who's with me?? Respond to this post and extend the coin!!!
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    New challenges are rough!!

    Spent 70 million, "won" 46 million and only 1 FREE SPIN on All Out War. Payback is TERRIBLE!!!! I was at 150 million now I'm at 80 million. But I do have 2400 STARS that aren't worth anything... so there's that.
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    Favorite and least favorite game??

    I'll start, Favorite: Junkyard Least: The Horde (by far!!!)
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    Tournament “loading” missing credits

    I emailed the “contact us” email once I saw that that tournament credits went missing. I took screenshots when things looked fishy. I sent the screenshots to the help desk. I believe that I covered all the bases and I will let the forum know if FTX makes it right. I enjoy this slot game, I hope...