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    Daily login reward.

    @Chase - FTX Games most of us collected last chest for day 300. Is there new rewards in future?? thank you.
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    Bug on sicario

    Ruby and other fuego sicarios + talents now has flamethower instead of fuego. Fix it; it looks ugly. I hope it is only visual bug And fix loading base buildings from lvl1 it is has been to long since this loading problem apeared and didn't get fixed. @Chase - FTX Games
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    There si no finca when attacking? FIX IT!!!!!!!
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    New outposts

    @Chase - FTX Games why are they gone?
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    War searching... anyone know how to get with more than 10?

    I heard that there is sometning about war searching. anyone know how to get war with more then 10-11 opponents? I heard that there is solution to get war 15 or 17 opponents. Help, please!
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    On 1.11.2017. was Croatian derby. EPIC WAR: Undefeated in Croatia, one and only CRO CARTEL vs loosers Cro Kamikaze. In war they showed their real name: kamikaze... :) Sad thing was that our capo was not in this war. Stupid thing with medals..... After victory was clear we treated. And...
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    Always same war opponents

    We always get 7-8 same opponents in war. Will this problem ever be fixed? there is more then 8 cartels that we can match in war! @Chase - FTX Games
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    Details about war, picture included - who is in, who is out... why? HELP!!

    Hello. Below post is image. I have put everybody with crossed swords. Can someone please explain why is VICE out of war? Why is Al in and IGO out? @Chase - FTX Games can you please tell us how is calculated who is in war? And finaly - CAPO is IN!!!
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    Anyone activated him? What hapens when you put him on your sicario? what bonuses do you get?
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    Veteran sicario wtf? Still there is no war. No bug fix, no cheat fix, no war matchmaking fix.... And when entering the base, the base is building from lvl 1 every time??? Another sicario for pay to play? And the best is that when you go on veteran sicario there is message that he will be in...
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    Great solution about anti bombing/missile

    @Chase - FTX Games you put in update skills that should solve anti bombing/missile. Now after that solution I haven't seen grave in my base for days! solution is that now everybody flash and missile finca. bravo FTX. you won't see a peny from me any more!
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    Wars - 21 vs 16 = 14 vs 14???

    Hello. Our cartel has 21 players in war. Opponent has 16 players in war (crossed swords). War is 14 vs 14! WTF is that? Last war was also 14vs14. Is there anyone to solve this problem?
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    Alan Starkman

    What does he do?
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    Bonus activation

    I have all skills needed for bonus activation, but skils and activation are grey, like there is no skil. How to activate bonus? PLS help!
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    Ground defense, FTX, wtf is wrong with you?

    Correct me if I'm wrong: If I have ground defense 12% on 6 sicarios = 72%. If you attack me with rocket that has 50k dmg, and my rocket launcher has 49k health, your rocket has cca 15k dmg on my rocket launcher. That means that you (with 50k dmg on rocket) must spend 4 rockets on my (49k...
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    Cartels, let's all unite against greedy FTX!

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    CRO CARTEL - 94 victories in wars

    We have 94 victories in wars! LVL 48 All players 50+ level are free to join, just send request!
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    Player cheating!

    Ksinos89 Lvl 50 Each time I attack him I get error 10004 @Chase - FTX Games please fix this. I belive he is not only one in this game...
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    WARS - out of war

    @Chase - FTX Games this game has HUGE problem in wars. We constantly are getting opponents that have less members in war, and our liutenant and right hand is out of war becouse he has less medals than recruit. can you please make that out of war is by rank in cartel? First recruits, then...
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    OUTPOST are gone

    Where are big outposts? I'm getting outposts level 45-49. I haven't seen outpost lvl 54 few days! Where are big outposts? @Chase - FTX Games why don't you put outposts matching player level? when I was lvl 41 only outposts level 54 were on my map. Now I'm getting outposts 5 level under my...