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    Card game progess loss

    What a joke, they responded to my report and sent me a sum of 350,000 coins for my troubles. What a slap in the face, I missed out on close to 2 billion coins and they send me 350k. Screw that I'm done with this game! Deleting the game, many of you should too.
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    Card game progess loss

    That's messed up, they need to get this fixed!
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    Card game progess loss

    My progress towards the trading card event was wiped out and everything was reset when I logged into the game from a different device (laptop). I was 1 card away from completing page 3 and 4. And had just a few left for the last page on my phone. Please look into this. Ive already sent an...
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    Thoughts on rewards

    I'm playing the time-limited activities and some tasks requires 250 spins. The rewards consist of 1 bronze chest and 12M. Minimum bet for me is 2M! You do realize to reach that one task of 250 spins alone would be about 500M. That makes my reward at only 2% of what I have to put in. That's...
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    Change it

    So many issues with the rewards, not even worth it. As much as I enjoy playing the game and some of the events I do have to agree that the rewards just doesnt make sense. It will cost 100x your coins just to recieve 1x back when a level is complete. I only play the card fair game if I want...
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    This gane is a ripoff and they know it

    I agree with you 100%! Those activities could drain your or in my case, my 7 Billion coins in a matter of minutes! It's not even worth it to play it. You spend hundreds of millions of coins or even billions to get ONE chest at the end of it all, IF you can even get there. If you get really...
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    There is no 5x to 100x. 99.9% of the time you see 5x or lower and 15x on rare occasions. I have seen 100x one time but nothing in between.
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    Daily hunt

    Because at one point there was a glitch that allowed me to get unlimited dice rolls for their dice event and you bet I took advantage of it. Even with unlimited dice it still took me a lot of them to fully complete the whole quest but I completed it enough to rake in about 9 Billion. Haha...
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    All you have to do is stop paying them!

    I've complained about this too and pointed out the numbers. No change! Even their weekly Hunt events sucks! Minimum bet is 1million. You get 1 million to complete one level and a common chest that gives xp to your maxed out characters which transfer minimally over to your diamond chest bar...
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    Somethings off here. Your "All Out War" activity requires way too much coins just to play. Come on, I set it to Legendary just to see how much it would cost to play. 10 million minimum bet! To put things into perspective, I'm level 1054 or something, platinum level and I collect 800k per 3...
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    Money Pit

    Yes, it's a joke of how much coins you get from those chests after all the characters have leveled up.
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    Unused Chests

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    Unused Chests

    If I dont use my chests from the hero activity do I just lose them or does it carry over to the next hero run?
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    These game owners are Scammers

    You know, most games when you level up higher certain activities should be easier, seems like the scaling in this game is just horrible. I get like 56k every 3 hrs, the 4* activity starts at 1milllion minimum bet and goes up to 4million as you progress. Each level completed I get a whopping...
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    How do i get 4 and 5 star cards?

    I AGREE! They need to fix this.
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    List of cards dont have

    Makes me wonder if some of these cards are even in the pool. Esp Bullseye
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    Ideas etc.

    I'm having trouble getting 2 or 3 star blue cards too. I've given up on trying to get the 5 star red cards. Dont have enough coins and even if I did it'll just get wasted because its so hard to complete the levels. Some option to purchase some cards red,gold or blue would be nice.
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    How do i get 4 and 5 star cards?

    4 or 5 stars come from the timed weekly events that will cost you an arm and a leg. Med gets you a 4 star and Hard will give the 5 stars. Unless you have you have a couple billion coins you wont even be able to complete these quests. And if you do beat it don't go for the second time cause...
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    Anyone else getting screwed with the Thanksgiving feast gameS.

    Yeah, I'm not giving them anymore of my money either until this is fixed! They're making it impossible to advance.
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    Red Daryl cards

    Same here, until they fix this I'm not going to waste anymore coins, money or time on these games. You cant even get a 2 star blue that you need. Give us an option to at least purchase these blue cards with those useless stars at least. So freaking annoying.