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  1. Bogan

    Where do we keep a list of auto-clickers?

    I laughed way to hard reading this thread, that is all.
  2. Bogan

    [IDEA] Loan constructors temporarily

    Deadset the stupidest idea I’ve seen on here in 2yrs.
  3. Bogan

    We'll be happy to help you!

    Spot on man, also help sort out the in active Capo at CARTEL DE OZ!!!
  4. Bogan

    Cartel De Oz

    It says we failed an attack but as you can see it’s was 30-0
  5. Bogan

    Cartel De Oz

  6. Bogan

    Every attack in cartel wars doubles

    That’s interesting mate
  7. Bogan

    New version with bugfixes

    Just yesterday I watched 4 video clips before it finally speed up my troops
  8. Bogan

    Cartel De Oz

  9. Bogan

    Slot trades

    Oh the dice game, we all love the dice game.. Not!!! Change slots u need to randomly change the slot colours, want to upgrade skills u need dice... It costs you way to much to do these things and it also costs way to much to get the dice...
  10. Bogan

    Troops and sicarios not reviving instantly after watching ad

    Happens to me about 80% of the time now, it’s beyond a joke
  11. Bogan

    Cartel De Oz

    Another win against a cartel with 7sics
  12. Bogan

    1 Franklin + 3 Darwins !!!

    Yeah that’s nice
  13. Bogan

    Cartel De Oz

    Unfortunately afew late failed attacks cost us the win in this war but still a solid effort by everyone versing another cartel with 7sics
  14. Bogan

    EastCoastKings recruiting active players.. Best regional war win record

    Throw up some more info bro, pictures of win ratio, capos club benefits, entry level and what not. Hopefully that will help u mate
  15. Bogan

    Cartel De Oz

  16. Bogan

    Sebastian versus Butcher ?????

    There has always been 2 different damage talents. The ONLY thing that has changed is the wording of 1 of those talents has changed so you can tell them apart
  17. Bogan

    the war no longer starts

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY has any idea of what the truck ur on about
  18. Bogan

    Sebastian versus Butcher ?????

    U still have the same extra amount of damage on ur mines and c4 it’s just u can see now which exact talents on ur sics are giving that to them
  19. Bogan

    Sebastian versus Butcher ?????

    It’s not a bug it’s just the talent wasn’t worded right
  20. Bogan

    Sebastian versus Butcher ?????

    Sorry I understand u know, i haven’t herd that she is a vet sic