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    Trading card slot not working

    Are you guys going to fix this, I've sent many emails to notify you already.
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    Trading card slot not working

    None of the slots has the trading card feature on it so I can't earn any cards from playing the slots. Happened twice already and this is unfair. Please FIX!
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    Daily hunt

    This recent update brought back leveling up 1 time to move to the next step. Let me just say it is impossible for someone at high level to even level up once. It takes me a whole week if not more to even level up and now its expecting me to level up in one day? Betting 1 million moves a decimal...
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    These game owners are Scammers

    Yes it was very disappointing when you play through the entire activity to get the same 4* or 5* card. It requires a huge amount of resources and time and to get a duplicate was just a slap in the face. I've made some suggestions but nothings been done. Although they've reassured us that all...
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    Is it me or are the cards less frequent?

    They seem to come up more often when you play the timed events but yes it does feel less frequent as compared to when the event first started.
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    Trading card suggestions

    Yes, exactly! The rewards in many of these challenges does not give out the appropriate incentives. You would think that when you have a lot of coins that it'll be easier to complete these challenges. But that's not true at all! I've gone up to 4 billion coins before and although winning...
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    Trading card suggestions

    The fact that I'm here trying to throw out some suggestions means that I truly love your game but I just want to have a better feeling when playing. Lately, I've been feeling stuck! The fact is, I'm more interested in completing your missions, daily hunts, and collecting cards to complete the...
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    List of cards dont have

    I just want to see more of the hard to find cards (blue or gold) that you're still waiting for. Here's my list of a few just to see if they're the same cards that are not showing up. B - Blue / G - Gold / # = # of Stars Bullseye (B2) - The Trade Farm Maze (B2) - JunkYard Kingdom Flag (B3)...
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    cHESTS and suggestions

    One of the longest slot game to be on my phone, I really enjoy the slots and want to just give some of my thoughts and opinions. The chests feels underwhelming, I feel like it would be helpful to get some coins from those chests as well, especially if you need to spend coins to attempt to get...