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    How to make everyone happy again:

    Stoopid game. Grrr. No more from me. Maybe I'll come back in a few weeks and see if this-- got sorted out. It's not about the money, it's about feeling like a sucker...again. it's not fun. Rachel.
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    For All The Quitters

    Lol 9 sics doesn't matter. But ok.
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    Thank you

    It's not so much a matter of if we can win. That's not a problem. Never was. I'm not sure ftx or ben fully understand. I give up.
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    Destroyed the game with one update!!! WTG FTX!!

    Haha yeah, I guess. Didn't affect me much personally, but I can see how it affected others.
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    Thank you

    We We went from nobody ever defending to nobody ever succeeding lol. Neither is the best way, but nobody ever defending was better than this haha. At least we could play. Now I have to spend my time here, griping at ben and Chase. Grrrr.
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    I I've heard dozens, maybe a hundred say they were done with narcos now, and I don't know that many players lol. I guess we'll see what happens. I personally see no reason to log into the game. One attack, wait. Another attack, another wait. Playing five minutes at a time is no fun.
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    Destroyed the game with one update!!! WTG FTX!!

    I hear ya Slik, except the statues made little difference to me, personally. I had no prob hitting bases before them and I couldn't defend against a blind 2yr old playing his dad's game lol. Statues changed neither. This tower is different.
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    It is not FTX fault.... it’s ours!!

    Lol naivete is alive and well.
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    Warden Tower !

    Narcos is dead. They killed it. No more money from me. Silly me, I thought the last update was a disaster. I guess I didn't know how bad it could get. Ben, or chase, or anyone from ftx...can you remove about 10,000 xp from my account, so I can go back to level 57 and actually play the game...
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    Well done update with tower.

    A few like it, most don't. At least that's how it seems. I haven't made up my mind yet, but one thing I can tell you is that the game doesn't interest me this way. Playing five minutes at a time is no fun. I was one of those that thought the game was too easy. I stand by that. It was. But...
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    Destroyed the game with one update!!! WTG FTX!!

    The funny thing is that ftx listening to players whine is what got us into this mess. This is a classic case of Be Careful What You Wish For. And for ftx, be careful who you listen to. A couple players wanted balance. Those select few wanted bases to be defendable. Makes sense...
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    Roulette experiment, failed miserably.

    Meh, nothing good on the wheel anyway really. Gold is there, I guess, but we all know you'll almost always spend more than you win. The raids aren't even fun anymore. It's kinda like work. Dangit, I've got to do the raid again, grrr. Lol. And with all the useless crap on the wheel, I'll...
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    update but no bug fixes

    It's just getting sad, really. After updating not once, but twice, I am still unable to do anything in the game. I can't attack players or outposts without getting an error message at the end of the attack. I can't do the raid. I can't attack anything at all. I know this isn't the bug...
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    Is torcher worth upgrading?

    So true. That little daily chuckle is good medicine though, lol....so shhhhhhh! Hehe.
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    Is torcher worth upgrading?

    Lol maybe where you lose torchers. I go days at a time without losing one. I see lots of people using flacos at all levels and having success but it's pretty clear that an overwhelming majority roll with torchers at the higher levels, even at the highest. There is a reason for that, lol. Lots...
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    Is torcher worth upgrading?

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    Where do we keep a list of auto-clickers?

    Lol. Are you now accusing me of something too? Are you trying to shame me? Snitch on me? Bully me? I'm cleaner than clean, sir. I'm spotless. Anyone who is so inclined can feel free to launch any type of investigation they deem appropriate. What they cannot do, however, is get under my...
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    Where do we keep a list of auto-clickers?

    lol, this guy.... Investigate them for what??? NOT cheating...so they can be NOT punished? And how would you suggest they go about investigating these innocent, wrongly-accused people for doing something that isnt cheating and for which there are no sanctions, no punishment? And more...
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    Where do we keep a list of auto-clickers?

    Lol this is getting silly. Let me try to recap this situation, so we may all understand each other better: First, someone (the OP) decided that in a forum for a game about drug trafficking, it would be a good idea to start a thread designed to snitch on other players for cheating. Ummmm...
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    Where do we keep a list of auto-clickers?

    You reported them, requested they be punished lol. Don't backpedal now haha. But whatevs, time to get over it, no? Yet here you are, naming and attempting to shame a guy for playing a game he spent a heap of money on. Maybe it's time to quit worrying about Sonny. After all, he's not a...