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  1. ELpatron50

    Product shipments

    Can we ship products thru the Cartel Port? The Product storages are overflowing and I can only transport one shipment , is there another option where players can ship products or trade it in the Black Market? This issue of Product shipments has been neglected for a long time. The Current...
  2. ELpatron50

    new unit

    I've seen so many new Sicarios, and new units introduced in the SQuad Camp however one thing is lacking. The possibility of ATTACK HELICOPTERS , it is supposedly previewed modelling in the HELIPAD, I wish it can be deployed soon.
  3. ELpatron50

    Winning EL Patron Gold Statue

    I always wanted some good boosts for my Base , now that Bounty Hunt rewarded our Cartel. First prize is exciting ! I only wished it ain't 10days countdown. (permanent statue). Customized gold statue.
  4. ELpatron50

    Capo's Club research

    1. Bolster defense 2. Camp Expansion Sicario boosted stats( Attack) this are commonly ignored features in a mostly inactive Cartel. Truck yard, Cartel Port, Boat , Squad Camp is there a way to complete upgrades , of this essential structures for players FTW. Inactivity among Cartel...
  5. ELpatron50

    MAP spawned Enemy Bases or Resource Center

    In my side , I have observed so many Enemy Bases(with levels above my current level) including Resource Centers respawning. @Chase - FTX Games How can this be fixed? I can't defeat this random bases if this persist.
  6. ELpatron50


    WTF all this is OverPow. HOW CAN NO DEPLOY be ALLOWED ? It is becoming a miser meta among players this rush for a NO DEPLOY SQUAD. The WORST PART is the NO DEPLOY tac in Wars. Even most bases are bots it is UNACCEPTABLE that NO DEPLOY still prevails among CHEATERS.
  7. ELpatron50

    What is Energy +30%---+40%

    This La Quica Talent is specially rendered USELESS ATM, from level capped of 41-60 at 5 stars it seems that +30%--35%--40% ENERGY from EACH BUILDING DESTROYED is NOW A USELESS TALENT did it UNDERGO A NERF recently ? How can we know the speed/duration of ENERGY ACCUMULATED from each destroyed...
  8. ELpatron50

    Aria raza Ruca Bug

    I juz found out about this , cholos! I ask @Chase - FTX Games what is verdad oscura on Aria ? +30 build. damage or -12 build. damage
  9. ELpatron50

    Launchers damage calculator is busted

    If u failed to notice LVL14 Maxed our ROCKET LAUNCHER (RL) HP26000 can inflict 373 DPS with DAMAGE OUTPUT 311 x(6 BURST SHOTS)=1866 TOTAL DAMAGE. However in gameplay i found out it Exceeds the DPS 373 at 4+ Seconds INTERVAL /BURST SHOT RECHARGE of 1866/6 BSHOTS. Is the damage calculator for...