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  1. Y

    Shield generator

    I cant find him in guerilla to build.... IS CANCELED?
  2. Y

    Cartel wars match making

    Is IT correct? This CW And many before that IS unplayable. Our Cartel rating IS 73k with lvl70 of compound againts copmpount lvl94 with 154k Cartel rating. It's fourth similar oponent in a row. Thanks for fun.
  3. Y

    Without choice Find other

    After the update, there is no option to find other at skill And resource otposts... Is It correct?
  4. Y

    Luxus FINCA

  5. Y


    When using fire at troops or defensive buildings, fire over the entire display. is it right? on other videos, the fire is just local. smoke is the same problem ....using Lenovo P70