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    Account hacked

    Hi I went to open my app to play my game and when it opened a message came up saying someone else was on my account and at that point I had over a million credits and now I don’t have anything.Also I just received an email for free credits but it’s dated from oct 2 but I just received it and...
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    Trouble with purchase, and game crash

    Hi I’m having a problem making a purchase .. I have suffient funds on my card but keeps saying declined and I’ve used this card to make about 4 purchases since I’ve been playing TWD SLOTS but again this time it’s keeps saying declined..Also I was playing the hospital , and got my health meter...
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    The walking dead slots/payouts

    Hi, I’ve been playing this game now for a solid 4 to 5 months now and haven’t had to many issues. I love the game and invest a lot of time and little bit of money in spite of more times then not I can go 20 spins without hitting anything but that’s not my problem. I was in some 24hr...