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    Bye bye guys...

    After 3 years i’m done with the game Im tired to see 4 David destroy level 100 pound in 1 hit, I’m tired of ftx politics based only on the money and don’t listen customers I’ve spent a lot of money for defence for what?? There will be always a player with 4 -- David that will destroy base in 15...
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    Ftx be honest for 1 time in your history...

    How's business going now? with the warden tower really your business has increased ?? I have seen many players quit game in my opinion you are not very intelligent Or maybe you want to earn the last money before shut down game...
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    Italian top five cartel recruitment

    Italian’s top five cartel “pornogomorra”is looking for active players +50 level High bonus club capos level 32 up to 33 soon We can speak English too
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    Purchase friend account

    Hi everybody I have a question, one of my friend dont want to play anymore,he would give me his account...is possible or not? Thanks to everyone