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  1. H2O

    Hi! I'm new here!

  2. H2O

    Attack your own finca

    Id like to be able to attack players on global
  3. H2O

    Cartel Compound-Maxed Capo Club Perks- What to do with all this cash??

    No response yet from FTX.....:rolleyes:
  4. H2O


  5. H2O

    Cartel Compound-Maxed Capo Club Perks- What to do with all this cash??

    So capo club is maxed out and everything in it has been fully researched. We now have Hundreds of Millions of dollars sitting with nothing to spend it on and no way to do anything with it. Not the worst problem to have, i know. Will FTX be coming out with any future updates to cartel compounds/...
  6. H2O

    Release syndicates

    i played for about 2 weeks. Quit tho.. Not sure why it is so hard to create syndicates...Copy and paste your Narcos code lol
  7. H2O

    Donate raw materials

    Yes Butch, that would be wickhed pissah guy
  8. H2O

    Scariest day of my life....lol

    Scariest day of my life....lol
  9. H2O

    Calculate max no deploy damage w/missiles

    I dont have the attention span to read through all of the previous posts on this. But ill save you a bunch of time. Put you calculators and pencils away. Try using this website narcosdamage.xyz your welcome,
  10. H2O

    Halloween is a nightmare

  11. H2O

    Is this possible on raid?

    yes. people finish faster than that all the time. You need a no deploy squad.
  12. H2O


    I no deploy most raids and i cant beat a base quicker than 7 seconds. It takes 3 seconds to flash and missile the finca then have to wait 4 more seconds while you watch all the other buildings blow up. I dont think its much fast with FB squad either. I lose most time waiting for the game to load...
  13. H2O


    It happens all the time!! destroy a base with zero casualties but the fuegos dont seem to be done and keep running around the base trying to attack lol. Please fix
  14. H2O

    Cartel chest and same old Skills....getting boring

    I agree. The effort is really not worth the reward. I think FTX should make it 15 or 20 chest. A lot of cartels are hitting 11 by Saturday night. We hit 11 chest then the rest of Sunday ill keep hitting my rsc's in order to help them out but would be nice if you could hit more than 11. And...
  15. H2O

    Solution to finca bombing problem

    People who are complaining about this cant no deploy bases and most likely cant figure out how so they want to cry to FTX to change the game for them. THIS GAME IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN ABOUT OFFENSE!!!. Stop crying and beef up your base health. Spend some gold and get %15 health to ALL building...
  16. H2O

    The game is not loading

    ...same here...won't load
  17. H2O

    Same user in Two different tournament levels??

    in that situation when you feel the 1st place spot is too far just get in top 5 and be happy with the same rewards....
  18. H2O

    CAN'T ATTACK THIS PLAYER while they're online

    Can i add my 2 cents lol April and Ben, can you please make a change to the system for when you are " Vulnerable to Attack" that if you are attacking another players base either on your map or god forbid during a war attack that you can FINISH your attack before it boots you off resulting in a...
  19. H2O

    Speed Ups