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  1. Eliezer (SWK)

    NCW sicarios exchange

    Hello guys. Once again giving as recomendation for the good of the players to let us gift or exchange sicarios between cartel members. im sure a lot of gamers agree with me and will appreciate it. Thank you.
  2. Eliezer (SWK)

    SW Killers! Cartel lvl 65!

    We are looking for new active players! Se habla español por WhatsApp!
  3. Eliezer (SWK)

    Hudge Difference on Cartel league medals

    Just starting the difference betwen players is extreme! Totally impossible to classify top 5 when #1 starts with 700 medals difference from #7.. No matter how clean you keep your map, there is no way to pass the league, therefore no possibilities to unlock the prison and get that 5% extra...