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    Something that indicates whos online

    I hate trying to wrk out a strategy when u never know who's online playing.
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    Something that indicates whos online

    Is there a way to put a symbol or something next to people's name to show when their online playing.
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    Fyber is a scam.

    Even showing screenshots liked u were asked Your still going to be told you already downloaded the game or our records show u received your gold or thts an issue with fyber talk to them even though the offer is through their game. Good luck keep us posted on outcome.
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    Doubt it will be anything tht changes or makes the game better, just a bunch of bugs to fix tht will take a week.
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    Come check us out you can always return to your old cartel if u dnt like ours
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    Recommendations for Next update

    No just thinking about anything, but no never played the game u mentioned
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    Come join us R.M.G 4LIFE I think u wud have to leave the cartel first then u can search a specific one u may know of.
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    R.M.G 4LIFE looking for 3 members we stopped wars bc of sum dead weight. 7 other members who do war also spend real money were all 50 or higher feel free to check us out
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    Recommendations for Next update

    Allow weapons to be fused. Combining guard tower with machine guns n you get a machine gun on top of a guard tower tht shoots farther n has more power. Cannons or rocket launcher with flame throwers and u get a flaming cannon or missle. This allows some weapons (tht dnt get used but get...
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    Please fix how cannons respond during attacks

    Yes I can thanks for quick response
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    Please fix how cannons respond during attacks

    What's the use of having cannons if they completely stop shooting once troops get so close. My cannon health is well over 20,000 total and it takes at least 10 secs to destroy but during that 10 secs of attacks from troops the cannons wont fire at all anymore. There only good from a certain...
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    Talent sale

    How much longer do we have to wait for another talent sale.
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    Upgrading abilities n Stacking Sicaros

    I figured it out, it had nothing to do with combining sics to get a talent. When they say dnt stack or stack they mean it's ok to use let's say a David n Parca at same time n battle. Others will say dnt stack n use 2 certain sics n battle. So I found out stacking had nothing to do with combining...
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    Not getting challenge rewards

    I thought I was tripping but this is the 3rd challenge that I haven't received my rewards. Has this been happening to anyone else.
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    Sicaro talents

    If ftx wont make it so we can switch talents maybe they should create something where the talents can stored for tht specific sic maybe allow 5 or 10 spots to store things n switch out later. Example (if I get 15% fire bomb talent but want missile attack for 25 extra gold I can save it to tht...
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    Torchers or Fuegos?

    I prefer fuegos they move faster n add propaganda to the sic
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    Revenge attacks

    Ftx please consider adding a way to get revenge without having to be defeated first. I've been unsuccessful attacked by the same person for 2 weeks over 10 attempts n would love to teach this person a lesson. Maybe after 3 attempts we can get a revenge option, just a thought hope u find it to be...
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    Upgrading abilities n Stacking Sicaros

    Benefits from several sicaros stack. Benefits from several sicaros do not stack. I'm confused by this is there a certain way it should be done. When it says stack are u supposed to only combine 2 random sicaros with enough stars to acquire the ability. When it says benefits from several...
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    FTx WE need this asap

    April doesn't answer questions that make sense.
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    Training camp hellos level 20

    Once u reached your limit on missile u only have to upgrade what it tells u before u can upgrade the missel again