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    I love that FTX feel it is ok to suspend a major part of the game aka warring for an entire week to complete an update that they are giving us no information about! @April - FTX Games are we going to be told anything? Also, how can every other mobile game company out there manage to implement...
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    Anyone know what joys the new update will bring? It was this time last year that the glorious Warden Tower was introduced and a mass exodus of quality players ensued. Hoping this update is actually going to improve the game for a change rather than driving away players not willing to spend yet...
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    Ftx releases another clown to "fix" s2f

    They hit the players that don't spend which is exactly what they want. Make them quit and get left with those that will put their hands in their pockets.
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    Calculate max no deploy damage w/missiles

    There are websites that can do this for you and save you a lot of time...
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    Torchers or Fuegos?

    Flacos and RPG's together? Strange combination! Fuegos are the most popular in the game at the minute (with a squad of David's) but armed trucks are better as an all-rounder. Eventually, FTX will put an end to Davis's. Once 80% of the players have spent money to get him they will make him useless.
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    We are a UK based cartel, currently 3rd in the UK league and going from strength to strength. We are also open to new ACTIVE and STRONG players. Must be able to fully deploy 3 times in war and consistently hit at or above their own level in war. Non deploy is dead. We expect full...
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    what are you preparing for the next update?

    The updates are coming out too quickly. People don't have enough time to implement changes from previous update before you release another. If this update involves things that make the previous update upgrades less effective then there are going to be a lot of unhappy people who have spent yet...
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    How to make everyone happy again:

    Yep. All just more money making tactics. The motive isn't to improve gameplay. The motive is to make all our squads, that some of us have spent hundreds of ££$$'s on, unusable so that we have no option but to spend even more money in order to continue with the game. I have so many players in my...