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    Toxicos Guerrilla Building Factories

    I have Guerrilla Building Factories built for Toxicos and the health and Damage boost from Guerrilla Building isn't showing up.
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    Strong Medicine Not Working

    I use Strong Medicine Skill Set and since last update it's not working when I use David Sicario...don't tell me to send reports through game or ask for video just FIX IT.
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    Bring Back The Narcos Website

    See you like a lot of SUGAR in ur coffee, why sugar coat? Why not just come out and say Because he might have or not made money off this website and FTX didn't get a cut from it you wanted the site down, Killing the website like ur Killing the game. Hosting websites isn't free and the time to...
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    For All The Quitters

    Please Leave Finca Upfront for Dawrin Attack and Thanks kn Advance
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    10 Sics

    Quit crying and Deploy, that is all.
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    Boat Lost

    Resources were full and war was over so my winnings went to dock on the boat like the good ol days...log in a day later & my boat is gone!!! No additional resources were added to my storages, where did my resources go?!? I was also on a shield so enemy attack couldn't have gotten hold of it...