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    Pound sic skill set level

    An old bug never updated like replays compound's attack in war , thx ftx ...
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    what an incredible update !!! it's amazing wow wow wow !!! I didn't expect so many new things, ohlala !! Are you serious ?
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    what are ftx improvements? be clearer please
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    What s new with the famous shield ???
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    Blah blah blah , no info , nothing for the gamers ...
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    Halloween is a nightmare

    Look at this ‍♂️
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    Halloween is a nightmare

    Since the beginning , there s a bug...!
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    Halloween is a nightmare

    Fix the replay compound's attack !!!!
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    Bounty hunt

    Ftx and the communication ...
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    David nonsense no fun :/

    We don t want shield genetator !
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    Don Neto in offer BOXES

    they ignore us as poor people haha , incredible ..
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    Don Neto in offer BOXES

    ftx, you gave no compensation for the last general blackout and besides, you add a gold trap with your cashier's chests, you have really acted badly ...
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    Don Neto in offer BOXES

    This is an absurd and stupid offer !
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    Don Neto in offer BOXES

    All for the Money ...
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    This is a real good new
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    I m lvl.65 and i only play for war !
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    I want war and not waiting 1 week again and again and again ...
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    Are you kidding me ?

    Every month , we cant war one week , i loose my patience...Ok
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    Very bad

    ftx, seriously take care of narcos players instead of launching breaking bad and abandon the entire narcos community! Shame on you guys !
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    Stealth Flamethrower

    Toi même tu sais ;)