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  1. Pedro pablo

    Error 70500

    I can't attack player in raid because its error come what thise error?! Error 70500
  2. Pedro pablo

    Bad games

    Why, when resources are full, Someone attacks a lot of resources, because they do not lose a certain amount of time to the opponent's stage. That's not fair. That's why your player does not play the rest of the game. All the player, Blade, chaos, makes you think a bit. I'm sorry.
  3. Pedro pablo

    Shock wave 4

    Why thise game is very expensive i very much pay's for thise game but i can't set skill bonus for a shock wave dice very bad work random mean every time change slot attack come pleae create box of dice for thise game not skills+5 dice
  4. Pedro pablo

    Don pablos cartel best cartel in iran join us

    Iranian people join us in don pablos cartel we need active player from iran