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    Fyber again

    Hi April. Why did you close the thread " Fyber is scam" ? I have the same issue -completed wall offer, did not get gold. Contacted to Fyber support (send screens), got answer that "unfortunately, our partner was not able to verify you data". Try to object to them and now .... I have no any...
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    An ability to destroy buildings

    judging by the FTX ignoring the issue, we can conclude that this will never happen :(
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    An ability to destroy buildings

    Hello FTX. Almost year past from "relaying to the development team". Please update the status and plans ?
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    But, did you fulfill all of the requirements necessary to be awarded (for denied offer) ?
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    Lack of Response From Support?

    Hi April, I have same bad experience with offer wall rewards. In most of the time I did not get the rewards in end of missions. Every time, when i opened the ticket, I got an automatic answer from supersonic-customersupport, that my ticket has been reviewed and cannot be approved. But, I have...
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    CAN'T ATTACK THIS PLAYER while they're online

    Hi. Many players using this trick: running the game on PC via some android simulator, like Nox. They are using auto clicker to hold application online. That makes very inconvenient situation, when I have to try attack every hour to catch timer "online" on 4-th hour. Why attacks disabled , when...
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    Pending Community Suggestions - One Final Reminder before the game is dead

    Nothing from this list will increase the FTX's revenue. So, forget about it ;)
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    Shame Ftx!!!

    That not true, FTX did not do fool from anyone. FTX just looking for such people, who are ready to throw out tons of money. Actually people, who arespending thousands of dollars for games or very, very reach peoples, and few thousands dollars for them like for me few cents or already fools...
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    Game is Destroyed

    looks that mission completed ;) FTX drew out max donations for this project and working now for new "milch cow" . Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements (Plamee +FTX games) released in Russian segment already.
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    Do NOT try ironSource offerwalls

    Same issue: Installed "Vikings: War of Clans" app, build palace lev 10 - did not get rewards 6762 Gold Installed "Forge of Empires" app, reached Iron Age level - did not get rewards 588 Gold Open tickets rejected by Ironsource.
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    Who actually spends cash in game and how much?

    :rolleyes: o_O :eek: ....:D
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    New here... Is this game that bad?

    No official forum for AoH.
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    New here... Is this game that bad?

    Carrier bug or hack well known, almost every allience use it. During war, when carrier HQ has a health boost +150% makes carrier indestructible. So, nobody attacks the carrier itself, but fighting again players.
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    New here... Is this game that bad?

    I'm keeping my rank (medals) lower is possible. The rank is using and no player level ! On high levels it makes no sense to attack players on the map - rewards too low. So, mainly fights about resource bases and allience war. I hold all resource bases on my map.
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    you have to pay more... never spend money on questionable projects.
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    New here... Is this game that bad?

    The rating is 4.5. Not so bad. From cons can point that same, very bad technical support. There are few well known bugs, that players using due fact that devs doesn't wish to fix them. But for me the AoH more funny, than BB because alliance wars. (I have in BB base lev 55, with HQ20).
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    New here... Is this game that bad?

    Yes, game play is good. There is a different in Sicario (heroes) conception: no talents and no multiple Sicarios. I have my base lev 47 with headquarter (finca) lev 20 and do not need to purchase the shield even for protect the base. So, I can easy collect resources for any upgrade.
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    New here... Is this game that bad?

    This game is very dis-balanced by publisher to force players spent a lot of money. Actually you can play F2P till level 40-43 around, but for further growing have to spend many $$$$. I can recommend to play similar game Army of Heroes, from same developer but different publisher. Very well...
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    Congrats FTX! You've managed to piss off the entire game, including many top paying players!

    Because most of players don't read this forum, most of players continue to spend money. Only when they reach level 40-45 begin understand the situation, but it is too late, money gone ....
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    Any good news for the Narcos community?

    good for whom ? For players ? But it is not good for FTX. Such suggestions will decrease theirs profit.