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    Fyber again

    Hi April. Why did you close the thread " Fyber is scam" ? I have the same issue -completed wall offer, did not get gold. Contacted to Fyber support (send screens), got answer that "unfortunately, our partner was not able to verify you data". Try to object to them and now .... I have no any...
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    CAN'T ATTACK THIS PLAYER while they're online

    Hi. Many players using this trick: running the game on PC via some android simulator, like Nox. They are using auto clicker to hold application online. That makes very inconvenient situation, when I have to try attack every hour to catch timer "online" on 4-th hour. Why attacks disabled , when...
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    Google play account linking

    Hi. Please help me, I have signed in Google play Games account ( see in Options menu "Signet in" ), but Account not linked ! How can I link it ?
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    Talent + xx health to nearby bulding ?

    Why sicario's talent "+ xx health to nearby building" has no effect on Finca ? Finca is not building ? Is it bug or special trick for "spending money" on Diego ?