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  1. G


    So should we expect finca lvl 25?
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is goose...G to the O-O-S-E
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    Shield generator

    Disregard. Looks like it's been fixed
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    Shield generator

    According to the description the shield generator lasts 36 hours but after I build I'm only getting 18 hours. Can you fix or refund the batteries? @April - FTX Games @Ben - FTX Games
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    guarillo Weapons storage

    Good catch
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    Ftx releases another clown to "fix" s2f

    S2f has now turned into f2f. Flash to finca.
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    Ftx releases another clown to "fix" s2f

    Not gonna work on -- bases but could be the difference of losing and winning on top tier bases or against those pesky low level attackers.
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    Just my thoughts about this event and where the game should be headed

    There's prolly no syndicates cuz they can't get enough players. What's the fun in the same syndicates battling each other over and over?
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    Halloween Roulette

    None. Same roulette except MOD skills
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    New Challenge

    @Tampico Sunrise - Shark at least u got pacho
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    New update

    I already know the answer. I just wanna hear it from ftx tho.
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    New update

    @April - FTX Games what issues were addressed in this recent update from the "community concerns" list?
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    New update

    Here's a hint....it's gonna cost you $$$
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    Unbalanced game!

    Here we go
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    Walter white Offer $69 V $99 V $169

  16. G

    Walter white Offer $69 V $99 V $169

    Lol. Have you met ftx? Quit game now.
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    Solution to finca bombing problem

    @H2O I agree. There's a solution to this problem already so why continue punishing spenders because someone doesn't want to spend? From a business standpoint, it'd be dumb to further punish the spenders and reward the non spenders.
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    Current Maintenance

    If I lose my accounts is going down
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    Current Maintenance

    This is not maintenance. This has turned into damage control
  20. G


    Figured but still shows that something needs to be done about inactive Capos. This could've been avoided if there was protocol to remove inactive capo. Prior to the incident the capo was MIA as u see from my initial post.