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    Shield generator

    According to the description the shield generator lasts 36 hours but after I build I'm only getting 18 hours. Can you fix or refund the batteries? @April - FTX Games @Ben - FTX Games
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    War matchups

    @April - FTX Games has there been a change to finding war opponents? Our latest search for an opponent dropped 4 players to locate a match. This is not gonna go over well.
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    private forum

    @April - FTX Games where is this private forum they speak of when I submit issues to ftx
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    War Mismatch

    I've seen some bad mismatches but this takes the cake. 11 lvl 60s players vs. 1 lvl 60s player. 4 lvl 50s players vs. 4 lvl 50s player. 1 lvl 40s player vs. 11 lvl 30s/40s. 127k rating vs 24k rating. What's going on !?
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    Theres gotta be a way to reassign inactive capo without having to start new cartel. Need help.