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    Trading card suggestions

    The fact that I'm here trying to throw out some suggestions means that I truly love your game but I just want to have a better feeling when playing. Lately, I've been feeling stuck! The fact is, I'm more interested in completing your missions, daily hunts, and collecting cards to complete the...
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    List of cards dont have

    I just want to see more of the hard to find cards (blue or gold) that you're still waiting for. Here's my list of a few just to see if they're the same cards that are not showing up. B - Blue / G - Gold / # = # of Stars Bullseye (B2) - The Trade Farm Maze (B2) - JunkYard Kingdom Flag (B3)...
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    cHESTS and suggestions

    One of the longest slot game to be on my phone, I really enjoy the slots and want to just give some of my thoughts and opinions. The chests feels underwhelming, I feel like it would be helpful to get some coins from those chests as well, especially if you need to spend coins to attempt to get...