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  1. Gargamel

    Bought Walt for second time

    I already had walt but could use the gold and what ever other "useful" items I would get from Buying a duplicate. I wanted to see so I took a screen shot before and after and I got nothing I can notice and already didn't have and I only got what was in the normal purchase. No extra items due...
  2. Gargamel

    Ftx=Mines & C4 don't show level

    when I browse threw peoples maps and highlight an explosive to see what level it is, it always shows level 1 for both Mines and C4. One day some one suggested I level up my Mines and I said I have that the game has some sort of glitch not showing proper level of Mines and C4. Can this be...
  3. Gargamel

    Walter white Offer $69 V $99 V $169

    So in California the Walter White package is $69.99 yet its $99.99 for me over in Connecticut . Why's that?? That's just not fair FTX, if I can get it for 69 I would most likely get it. Please get back to me