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  1. Z

    Goodbye all

    Ben, april, ik know my behaviour is bad! You do not have to warn me! Again! The behaviour of ftx is worse. You do not care about players, do not listen to anything only interested in money and more money I stand by it ... You are a bunch of criminals!
  2. Z

    Goodbye all

    Probably will be banned after recent post, but i do not care anymore Please keep your money in your pocket. Ftx is a bunch of criminals. Their devs departement is 1 child of 14 years old Support is a robot. The rest of them is 3 months on the bahamas from your money...... Bye....
  3. Z

    Walter white Offer $69 V $99 V $169

    Testing of what? How much each price will bring ftx? Do you realize you are playing with players money? I still think you are a bunch of criminallittle children. You all should be in jail!
  4. Z

    David nonsense no fun :/

    Not gona happen
  5. Z


    that is what ftx is, everything is full of bugs and they do an update on Friday, so that everyone has an entire weekend full of frustration. I just lost my breaking bad account due to the update. but it doesn't matter it's a good time to stop. Do not step in this trap, everything that you invest...
  6. Z

    David nonsense no fun :/

    In Queensland, Australia, it’s illegal to own a pet rabbit unless you’re a magician. Why? Because for the past 150 years, rabbits have caused immense ecological damage to Australia. Australia’s temperate conditions — general lack of seasons and little cold — and huge swaths of natural low...
  7. Z

    Be carefull about breaking bad game

    Ben, april, ftx, please stay honest, you ban people very quickly and certainly not only by breaking the rules! You have already banned me 3 times and my IP also has one. probably also this account after this post. where is doods? ddrr? and several others who are critical towards ftx?
  8. Z

    LEvels of enemy chempounds to high

    Any news on this? The chembases are way to high! Everything at least 10 higher. I can not win a single one anymore. With attack maxed. What is the point anymore. Not being able to do anything in 3 days now.