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  1. Jody

    Skill Event

    Hey there guys! Its the second skill event I do in the last past month or so and I have noticed that I only get from all the earned chests the same skill repeated over and over. We use to get almost one whole set or at least a different skill in each chest from the same set. Any other players...
  2. Jody

    Torcher MAX level

    Hi there guys! Whats the max level for torcher, I got them level 9. To get them up to level 10 will cost me 14K cash I have all my storage's and bank maxed out with 13.854 capacity, no sure if a bunker upgrade helps my max capacity. Any enlightenment on the subject?
  3. Jody


    Hi there guys!. Two simple question about firebomb: 1). The last level is? 2). The max damage is? Mine is level 17 at the moment with 26,192 damage and not sure were this ends. Missile goes up to 22, but not all abilities have the same level until maxed. Thanks in advance.
  4. Jody

    Patron - Level 44 - Beaten twice - After win same error!

    Good afternoon all members! Has anyone by any chance played and managed to beat Patron level 44 ? (almost 5000 medals) I have a medal revenge with this player, can´t get it back because either his online or being attacked, did manage to beat him twice though (insisted to attack like for...
  5. Jody

    FUEGO + MEDICO (Healing option)

    Hey there guys, in experience on this combination? Suggestions? FUEGO + MEDICO (Healing option)