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  1. Eliezer (SWK)

    NCW sicarios exchange

    If i were thinking as a bussines man, I would definitely let it happen somehow.. There are thousand of players quitting the game because what it has become from 4 years ago but then again, they could return and get engaged again ;) Remember, always one is better than none.. they will still buy...
  2. Eliezer (SWK)

    NCW sicarios exchange

    Thank you! @April - FTX Games. Good luck to Chase then i guess.. lol
  3. Eliezer (SWK)

    NCW sicarios exchange

    Hello guys. Once again giving as recomendation for the good of the players to let us gift or exchange sicarios between cartel members. im sure a lot of gamers agree with me and will appreciate it. Thank you. @Chase - FTX Games
  4. Eliezer (SWK)

    SW Killers! Cartel lvl 65!

    We are looking for new active players! Se habla español por WhatsApp!
  5. Eliezer (SWK)

    David and Parka , Cartel Wars

    Sr, this is what FTX lives from! They are and will keep releasing new sicarios so we can keep spending money.. This became a pay to win game years ago..
  6. Eliezer (SWK)

    Best update in 2 years

    Just for the records, we don't pick who to war with.. If there is lvls with the towel in the enemy team that's it. Don't even bother to attack cause you will just lose the war.. Is it that fair? Just because of a tower?
  7. Eliezer (SWK)

    Best update in 2 years

    Guys it is just not fair for those who upgraded their Big bang and flash squad.. Not even the flash bang in the helipad is useful to upgrade anymore because it just turned into useless.. I understand the frustration of some players but think of this: Is it fair for a cartel war that some players...
  8. Eliezer (SWK)

    Hello @[1:@Chase - FTX Games] How comes you guys have done such a thing creating a towel that...

    Hello @[1:@Chase - FTX Games] How comes you guys have done such a thing creating a towel that troughs out everything you guys charged for? Big bang, fired bomb, missile, flash bang.... Nothing is possible anymore. There is no way we can get back everything we have got and it is useless at this...
  9. Eliezer (SWK)

    Congrats ftx just mad possible to defend

    10 Can't agree more! Just ruined the possibility of flash bang attacking.. Can't believe they just destroyed lil by lol what 2 years ago used to be the perfect game.. The money hunger have trough this game to the garbage.
  10. Eliezer (SWK)

    Still an issue with watching Compound attack replays

    It does happens on every compound attack once you want to review it. All buildings set behind the compound will look like the pic when you replay the attack.
  11. Eliezer (SWK)

    Hudge Difference on Cartel league medals

    This is not even fair to all players.. I understand it must be a lot going on when comes to a game with millions of players. I also believe there has to be programs capable of distinguishing differences between medals and just separate them as even as possible.. It may cost some money to you...
  12. Eliezer (SWK)

    Week league is a joke!!

    I I alredy posted about this same issue.. Idk how many more weeks are we going to try to unlook that perk with no results.. It is actually being stressfull to the point that you dnt hesitate into attacking anymore because it's just worthless..
  13. Eliezer (SWK)

    Hudge Difference on Cartel league medals

    Just starting the difference betwen players is extreme! Totally impossible to classify top 5 when #1 starts with 700 medals difference from #7.. No matter how clean you keep your map, there is no way to pass the league, therefore no possibilities to unlock the prison and get that 5% extra...
  14. Eliezer (SWK)

    Stop not deploy

    Whats up guys. There is always going to be a way to blow up a finca when there is some money invested. As well as there is always going to be a way to stop it with some money invested!! 2 rank 7 miguel and 3 rank 7 fortas with ground defense 5 and a good layout will stop that no deploying thing...