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  1. Trinador

    Ruby not stackable anymore?

    Please confirm... thanks.
  2. Trinador

    Donation History - sorted wrong

    I would add a picture but this forum is bugged as the game. The sorting of the donation history is sorted wrongly by medalls and not by donated amount.
  3. Trinador

    Is this new?

  4. Trinador

    new version new bugs... unbelievable with the money you are making

    Before you use to see this only in repetitions, now it shows when you access in realtime... (android) https://ibb.co/jKoWgV
  5. Trinador

    Allow Capos+Right Hands un-mark people from Bounty Hunt

    Not allowing this forces us to kick from the cartel all new players that join and don't know how that works. Please allow Capos and/or Right Hands to un-mark players from this event. Thanks.
  6. Trinador

    [IDEA] Loan constructors temporarily

    It would be nice to be able to send your idle constructors temporarily to other members of your cartel.
  7. Trinador

    keep watching ads without price KINGDOM

    Stop the scam please Thanks.
  8. Trinador

    New ND sicarios...

    Whats the new perfect attack sicarios team without deploying? 3 bomb sicarios with 20/20 and 1 Rosa with energy and 20/20 bombs?
  9. Trinador

    Quick switch sicario’s attack teams

    What are you waiting to implement this? Instead of browsing the ugly unsorted list of sicarios to change them for an specific attack, why don’t you create 4 teams so we can have them prefilled and quick switch them by 4 depending on attack needs?
  10. Trinador

    game server slow or dead

    Playing under same conditions as always, today's game experience is really poor, more than average. Please invest in good servers, thanks.
  11. Trinador

    Do you like the new Bounty Hunting?

    Just to see...
  12. Trinador

    matchmaking logic

    Does anybody have a theory on how this is done?, thanks in advance.
  13. Trinador

    New version today...

  14. Trinador

    get dices...

    The only way to get dices is buying them?, don't remember the last event where we were able to get'em...
  15. Trinador

    UPDATE: A new Raid Event is now available...

    Is so secret that we cannot find it... Anybody?
  16. Trinador

    Who missed the un-announced event from yesterday?

    Did you see the last event that was on the map but it wasn't announced? I was lucky to discover it yesterday with 3 hours left to do it....
  17. Trinador

    In case you don't know who FTX is...

    In March 2006, Playtech was floated successfully on the AIM market at a valuation of approximately US$ 950 million... hahahah keep hoping they'll stop profiting from you....
  18. Trinador

    more milking ideas!!

    Maybe you can create a new sicario called "PERIOD", so when you drop this one from the helicopter, all females defense sicarios will be indisposed. Just an ironic joke.
  19. Trinador

    Sicario "Grease"

    Somebody willing to explain what the **** is he capable to do? Thanks.
  20. Trinador

    Stats for players and clans...

    When are you going to develop a site where all players can check player stats, clan stats and clan war stats? Just wondering.