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  1. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Life after narcos

    People should not get mad at with this game they always do the same and don't think change the game until the new sicario make as much money as Diego's(misile), Scorpions,Brone(bomb), window,etc,etc.You know the history. I abandoned my account level 68 and now I have compared the cost of the...
  2. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    You steal all players

    People spend 80,000 gold for only 1% of health are you kidding me? Lol
  3. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Every account should be profitable

    I'm tired that after every update I can't use my old teams. The account should not be affected to much, only make a little change and still playing with my old teams. All players want to use the old teams, their favorite unit , the sicarios that they buyed. What happened if a player don't want...
  4. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Return the gold truck to the game

    Ftx this the opportunity to return the gold truck to the game. It will help to all accounts return slow at the game.
  5. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Introduce warden tower to compound

    I would be amazing if you introduce warden tower to the compound and the possibility to increase the amount of sicarios in the compound.
  6. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Finca don't lose health

    Hello, there are fincas that can't lose health.
  7. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Awesome update 10 sic

    FTX you did a great job with that update, 9 and 10 sícarios that is what I want. Don't change it. This is the best update. Don't listed the girls who cry with the new update.that people don't know how to deploy.
  8. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Put players with the same level

    FTX, you must put players with the same level in the league, lower players are more easy to destroy. It is not the same compete against crankbuz finca vs mark finca. Put players with the same level in the league. There are players that have years in the same level, they prefer being in lower...
  9. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Stop not deploy

    Hello FTX, please stop not deploy on the finca, people don't use the brain in theirs atacks only send bombs on the finca and misil. That is not strategy game, I spend on three deploy atacks at war, I would like to used others abilities in my fonca but people insist in not deploy, why don't you...
  10. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Building to switch fast atack teams.

    make a building to switch fast my teams of atacks to clear map, I have tree flash teams, when a sícario is death I have to search the sicarios and change team, this activity is low, I want to switch fast my tree flash teams to deploy can you do something. A building like the trucks in the war.
  11. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Policía de N.L busca jugadores lvl 50

    Policía de N.L jugadores con buen nivel de ataque que puedan bajar jugadores por arriba del lvl 50. Todos los jugadores son de Latinoamérica. Únete si eres hispano.
  12. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Den 1 de oro por jugador vencido

    Hola que tal empecé a jugar lords móbile para que me dieran oro en narcos y descubrí que en lords mobile dan gemas el equivalente al oro en narcos al recolectarlas en el mapa. Porque no dan uno de oro por jugador que le ganes en narcos ,actualmente en mi cartel solo quedan pocos jugadores debido...
  13. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Bolster defense perk

    Han pasado 3 días y no han podido arreglar el 5to sicario de defensa, yo que he comprado defensa por suelo me afecta demaciado. Cuando piensan arreglarlo?