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  1. I2el3ell

    Happy new year

    I've waited a bit to see if ftx cares enough about its community, doesn't seems so. Also those so called forum administrators don't. so HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE STILL PLAYING I hope that the community goes on this year making still their own wars how they should be because it doesn't seem...
  2. I2el3ell

    We would like some update!

    Hello @Chase - FTX Games It has been 4 months you asked us for some ideas to implement and to fix, so I would request some news on your post. What did you implement until now? As far as I can see: -forta rak nd fix -2 guerillla buildings - elite event - that spion Event If I forgot...
  3. I2el3ell

    New sic has to be a joke

    i have no words anymore for ftx... all we want is something that fixes nd also for fb And you are giving us that crap??? @Chase - FTX Games are you serious??? Against flacos???? WHO the heck plays anyways anymore with flacos
  4. I2el3ell

    IPhone X - Update

    Hello there, Update didnt change anything, still bugged on the x.
  5. I2el3ell

    Same sets?

    Could anybody tell me the difference of these sets? Or whats wrong with them inplementing it 2 Times?