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  1. ELpatron50

    Templates Team

    o_O Tis alright no prob on the SQLoadout I still wanna open the damage calculator I just can't find it anywhere
  2. ELpatron50

    Templates Team

    How did you measure the deal this War is with your own damage calculator which is unused for the current game version? @Krafty used to LOADOUT in war games using the YARD now it can hold out at least 6 slots what a splendid deal I can now load out my army using the Yard for outposts raids as...
  3. ELpatron50

    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    No Debuff status on this defensive structures? such like ---- slow.stun, or lowered accuracy When i deployed smokescreen on my troops, the damage inflicted by the defense was 0 . It also caused my troops to be unable to (attack) or shoot back.
  4. ELpatron50

    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    If it prevents troops or defensive buildings from inflicting damage inside the smokescreen zone then dropping the smokescreen directly on the Rocket Launchers or on other defensive buildings shall have the Debuff status ? targeting -accuracy dealing no possible damage on the attacking troops.
  5. ELpatron50

    Recommendations for Next update

    Is this a merged tower strategy boy you gotta be playing merge dragons type of gameplay.
  6. ELpatron50

    Upgrading abilities n Stacking Sicaros

    combining 2 identical sicarios=2x stars however the abilities acquired are also randomized? like using dice to randomly change the attack,defense,debuff skill slots.
  7. ELpatron50

    Smokescreen tip for newer players

    SCREEN does not protect troops from damage? Screen + propaganda + Medpack = ? For instance I use screens to shield my troops from enemy fire, which is inaccurate that it won't miss my squad. I still received damage from enemy defensive buildings which I cannot understand what's wrong with the...
  8. ELpatron50

    New update

    @April - FTX Games 1. Smuggler Challenge 2. Challenges tab (new feature) 3. New Unit Black Hawk ? Can u give us the heads up !
  9. ELpatron50

    new unit

    For real ?
  10. ELpatron50

    Does Strong Medicine Skill Set apply to player bases?

    @April - FTX Games i'm really flattered that our boy @Tampico Sunrise - Shark here knows the way to Sta. Fe as our folks here say you gotta grasp the nettle
  11. ELpatron50

    new unit

    SQUAD CAMP or Helipad :p:po_Oo_O
  12. ELpatron50

    Product shipments

    I seized some products from raiding enemy Fincas so I'm searching for a good option to ship the product as well as to use it for (Black Market) , atm there is no other option aside from the airfield.
  13. ELpatron50

    Product shipments

    Can we ship products thru the Cartel Port? The Product storages are overflowing and I can only transport one shipment , is there another option where players can ship products or trade it in the Black Market? This issue of Product shipments has been neglected for a long time. The Current...
  14. ELpatron50

    Unbalanced game!

    Changing slot types or nerfing the FB lay out a solid solution to no deploy.
  15. ELpatron50

    Unbalanced game!

    The MODIFY SKILLS Menu must be vastly improved?
  16. ELpatron50

    new unit

    Is it from the SQUAD CAMP since it should be a new unit just like the Rhino or Training Camp (focus)?
  17. ELpatron50


    Such as to declare War among Cartels?
  18. ELpatron50

    Is the new shield gona save narcos?

    From my POV I personally favor the SG=(Shield Generactor) an exclusive COMPOUND Upgrade and irrelevant structure for the Bases.
  19. ELpatron50

    new unit

    I've seen so many new Sicarios, and new units introduced in the SQuad Camp however one thing is lacking. The possibility of ATTACK HELICOPTERS , it is supposedly previewed modelling in the HELIPAD, I wish it can be deployed soon.
  20. ELpatron50

    Player Feedback Opportunity: Sicario Talents

    Such cumbersome issues about wasted talents, what I proposed to @April - FTX Games is that the lingering system players are all stucked about in is the Veteran Sicarios are unlocked by wasting precious other Sicarios when we can hook 'em in the hang-out using Contracts instead.