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  1. Gogs

    Well done update with tower.

    Greetings ppl, Dear Mr. Ben, thank You very much for a message U sent me while ago for impropriety language in one of mine post. Second, I will make it clear I miss @Chase - FTX Games, it was easier to talk with that guy. Ok, let's go. I do not like this update with a tower thing, because, it's...
  2. Gogs

    Beating a dead horse...Champions League

    It's alright. I can feel struggle and anger about every week placements in league. Been there, saw that. But this is not a way to crawl down and cry, while you still rolling on the floor. I've been placed every f single time at 12th or beneath place. Never seen top 5 from start I begin to claim...
  3. Gogs


    JEBITE KAMIKAZICE u male pickice. Nek' znaju tko je glavni u Hr. Pozz ekipa. Sorry for spam @BadBlue8
  4. Gogs

    Fyber, App Store, Ftx, am I wrong if I put You all in the same box?!

    It's been two and a half weeks now, @Chase - FTX Games, can u manage it?
  5. Gogs

    Fyber, App Store, Ftx, am I wrong if I put You all in the same box?!

    Exactly my issue was, that I wasn't paid off from offer wall.( approximately 15k) And it's been 2 weeks now, since I made report, to ur support and Fybers one. I know that, myb, u got some better job to do, than answer to posts, but this is ridiculous, and I know am not the only one. The...
  6. Gogs

    Fyber, App Store, Ftx, am I wrong if I put You all in the same box?!

    I am having struggle past couple months, with Fyber and FTX. I came to point where, already mentioned partners, don't wanna answer my replys on mail. I wasn't about to make boring unreasonable replys, or to bother with something just to write it, I am having a issue. I spent the money to achieve...
  7. Gogs


    Is it manageable that u, as u said, taking the care of UR players, put ur back beneath it and give gold on ur behalf to players issued with a problem( ofc, if they have good arguments and true proofs )? If it's that a big problem, I would like to have phone or mobile number for Fyber..
  8. Gogs

    Fyber Sacked!

    I already spoke with Customer service at FTX, and with one at Fyber. Like they said, that it can take 2 weeks to contact the third part--, but when it comes to selling ur, mine, his, personal informations(private) then they do it in blink of an eye. Screw it. How do they communicate, via old...
  9. Gogs

    Fyber Sacked!

    Long time no see felas. Stopped plying this game at November last year, and moved from Croatia to Sweden, let's say, searching for better conditions... But nvm, I don't wanna bother you too much. As I can see a lot of 'small' things happend in Narcos, look like @Chase - FTX Games, made a really...
  10. Gogs

    Huge reward differences between countries in gold wall

    Guess they can, ‘cuz the thing is they myb do their expected job, in or out the company. They have supp team, contained 10-20pax? Is that enough? Don’t think so. Too much ppl is playing this game, then u can imagine how much do they receive mails from each of us. Outstanding. After all, what am...
  11. Gogs

    Huge reward differences between countries in gold wall

    Even an offers by themself, friend went to Ireland, his offer wall is much bigger and he have options, i don’t, ‘cause my offer wall in Croatia is lame, way much. Is there anything i could change, like filter, or change location, on phone, or game?
  12. Gogs

    Free gold offer is total crap

    My opinion, Its not important, good or junk. Depends on them, fyber, and time to verify it
  13. Gogs

    Free gold offer is total crap

    Am dealing with ‘True’ application at the moment, w8ing for reply. U r not the only one, as i can prove, cuz few of mine cartel members have same issue with that ‘Lords’ castle 11 assignment... They do not want to reply, ffs... Meanwhile, they put a x2 gold on offers, and there is no any on...
  14. Gogs

    Playing Narcos: Cartel Wars on laptops

    Guys! Am trying to figure out, does any1 of u play this game on laptop or computer(no tablet, iPad, or etc.) I use iPhone and want to figure out is there any free application or program for laptop to compare my phone to windows? thanks for help. Gogs
  15. Gogs

    Narcos Community Line Group

    Says that group doesnt exist...
  16. Gogs

    Just fix matchmaking!!!!

  17. Gogs

    Base Layouts, ask for advice

    Greetings fellas, Playing Narcos a couple months from now, made acount on this forum maybe month, or more ago. It doesnt matter. Here we go, as I can see in last few threads u can not find any of threads that could/might help u to get in touch with Narcos Cartel War, like help in base layouts...
  18. Gogs

    People complaing about everything

    And try harder to change comment, od the right way, u lil baboo
  19. Gogs

    People complaing about everything

    Ur mother didn’t bother with credit cards, it was fine with her, so..