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    Influence points

    Play Cartel wars
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    Shield generator

    I cant find him in guerilla to build.... IS CANCELED?
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    New update

    Look in google play.....
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    Cartel clasification.

    Suma of all Cartel members
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    Smuggler and El Patron statue

    Some Cartel members spent Some Gold to win Gold statue in bounty Hunt event.. A now they lost statue 4 days earlier... ☹️
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    Smuggler and El Patron statue

    We lost statue from bounty Hunt too....
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    War Mismatch

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    Cartel wars match making

    Is IT correct? This CW And many before that IS unplayable. Our Cartel rating IS 73k with lvl70 of compound againts copmpount lvl94 with 154k Cartel rating. It's fourth similar oponent in a row. Thanks for fun.
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    Without choice Find other

    New update And fixed... Thanks
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    Game Update - October 2018

    Same problem with Enemy,RSS outposts
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    Without choice Find other

    After the update, there is no option to find other at skill And resource otposts... Is It correct?
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    new version new bugs... unbelievable with the money you are making

    Whats Wrong on the picture?
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    2nd sicario extra - question

    Capos klub 36, FINCA 34, 200M $
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    Divide & Conquer

    Sorry , Brown spot
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    Divide & Conquer

    Destroy enemy outpost on Grey spot between iron Fields lvl62, thats unlock torino reward
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    Divide & Conquer

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    Few suggestions...

    of course without rewards
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    Few suggestions...

    Can we asaulting in The Future own cartel members bases? For testing And more Fun?
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    War scheduling

    We had 5 wars with los avispones cartel ,alwas loose... I am member of K1K1.. in last war we better Safe ours game dollars....
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    Luxus FINCA